Pastor Wrinkles Chapter Charts Pt. 43

In the hurry of the season, don’t forget to spend some time studying the Word that gives life!

The chapter charts are a perfect and quick way to get the word in deep! Give it a try.

Here’s how: As you read the assigned chapters come up with three topics or titles for sermons or teaching you would like to hear someone preach on. Then imagine them preaching the sermon. That is what you call a meditation.

Exodus chapter 35 sermon topics/titles:

1. Rest or Die: Exodus 35:1-3

2. All Who Are Willing: Exodus 35:4-29

3. A  S.S.A.K. of Crafts Exodus 35: 30-35

Exodus chapter 36 sermon topics/titles:

1. How to Make a Pastor Stop Asking For Money: Exodus 36:1-7

2. The Beauty Beneath: Exodus 36: 8-19

3. Does Your Worship Have a Silver Base? Exodus 36: 20-30

Now what did you discover in these chapters?


9 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles Chapter Charts Pt. 43

  1. These are all so good but I really like “The Beauty Beneath.” Here are my thoughts on these chapters.
    Exodus 35
    1. Are you of a willing heart? 35:5
    2. Is your heart being stirred to do something? 35:20-29
    3. He always equips those He calls. 35:31
    Exodus 36
    1. There’s more than enough. 36:5-7
    2. Curtains of Holiness. 36:8-16
    3. What are you weaving with His thread? 36:35-37

  2. I love the Rest or Die in Chapter 35 🙂 This is a great reminder that out of life’s busy days, God gave us one day to rest on Him. Thank you Pastor 🙂

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