Heaven Pt. 1

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Ge. 1:1 NLT

With all that has gone on ┬áin the world…nation…region…city…church…family these last few years I find I am thinking more about my heavenly home than at any other time in my Christian walk.

I have a Christian brother who says, “That is part of an escapist mentality.”
He’s probably right! Some days the only positive attitude I can muster is “Not to worry soon I’ll be with Jesus and all this will seem like a distant memory.”

Don’t worry I am in no way suicidal! I’m not going anywhere until God calls. But I do acknowledge that with each passing day this world holds less and less attraction for me.

Maybe that is one of the reasons God is allowing our world to go all catywhompus on us! Perhaps by all our troubles He is letting us catch a glimpse of the real world to prepare our hearts for the REAL WORLD. To be honest, as focused as I am now on the coming Kingdom, I believe my heart is still too attached to this fading place. I let the visions of earth cloud my spiritual sight. Too often I forget what I am called to because I get too caught up in the moment.

Heaven is a fairly important topic in the Word. It pops up 558 times in the King James, 746 times in the New Living Translation, and 423 times in the NIV. For comparison’s sake: Redemption shows up 23 times in the NIV; Grace is used 170 times in the KJV; Love occurs 645 times in the NLT. As a biblical concept Heaven is right up there.

I guess this meditation comes out of a realization that I don’t spend enough time intentionally contemplating this future promise. It rises out of curiosity over what will change if I give the topic the attention it deserves. I guess now the mystery will be solved.

How often do you contemplate Heaven?