Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 45

I want to tell you, the power of God can change your life. One touch from Jesus and you will never be the same again. But you have to let Him touch you at the center of your pain and heartache. You have to open the door of your heart. You do that by praying to Him, entering into relationship with Him, talking to Him and by letting Him talk to you.

God’s primary way of talking to us is through His love letter to mankind, The Bible. It’s a history, mystery, suspense story, poem, rule book and friendly letter all wrapped up into one. But the Bible is not just to be read casually. It is to be  studied by all those who hope to draw close to God. Now I’m not talking about that dull boring study you did in High school history,a mere memorization of dates and figures. I’m talking about looking into the Scripture and figuring out how it makes a difference to you! And the chapter charts are a way to do just that. Let look at Exodus 39 and 40 together as an example of how to make the Word come alive.

Exodus chapter 39 sermon topics/titles:

1. How To Bring Your Family Before the Lord: Ex 39:1-14

2. Justice Above, Purity Beneath: Ex. 39: 22-29

3. Holiness Our Crowning Glory: Ex 39: 30,31

Exodus chapter 40 sermon topics/ titles:

1. How To Start the New Year Right: Ex: 40: 1-38

2. Offering For Glory : Ex: 40:29-38

3. Moving With the Glory: Ex. 40: 34-38

Now tell me what you see in these chapters! 🙂