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21 Day Spiritual Journey: Day 5

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ― C.S. Lewis

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
― C.S. Lewis

Well here are the questions I have asked so far on this Spiritual journey:

1.What is your Jericho? What walls do you need the Lord to knock down?  I made a long list of Jerichos in my life…things I needed God’s help with. I drew them into a thought web and put it on my office wall and have been praying over it every day.

Testimony: One of those items involved a phone call I was dreading having to make. It meant giving a friend some bad news as part of a larger work. I prayed into it for two days and made the phone call last night. Praise God He went before me as I asked and met the need and turned the bad news into OK news! I’ll take it!

2.What has to happen for you to face your Jerichos…your life circumstances with greater boldness? I still don’t know the answer to this question. I think maybe a deeper faith has to be birthed in me and an understanding of this quote in my life

The question is not am I qualified but am I called- Pastor Brad Hackett

The question is not am I qualified but am I called- Pastor Brad Hackett


3. What will your dreams cost? Are you ready to pay the price?  I started answering this in yesterday’s post. I think a  big portion of this spiritual journey is going to be about overcoming my fear of man and my fear of failure in the eyes of man.

4. What do you have to say “no” to today in order to say “yes” to God?

I started this list during our all day of prayer. I have three items on it and I know God is going to have me look deeper into this.

Who in your life is your “Sanballat and Tobiah”. Who intimidates you? What can you do about it?  This item definitely needs more prayer I think and action plan is in the making

Here are some quotes from service today:

“Don’t let your budget determine your dream” Pastor Brad Hackett

“To often we say ‘What if God doesn’t?’  but what if He does?” Pastor Brad Hackett

“If we seek answers we may never find them but if we seek God the answers will find us.” Pastor Brad Hackett

“Sometimes the problem is we are not willing to let God perplex us.”

Which of these quotes speaks most to you?

Ringing in the New Year Pt. 1


As the last flames of Christmas pass the entire world turns its gaze to the beginning of a new year. What will 2013 require of us? A call from the Holy Spirit rings through the rafters of our churches. Before the trumpet sounds and the voice of the great arch angel calls us home we have work to do. We have a message to proclaim to the world which comes from the very throne of God.

Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross in our place, rose from the dead breaking the chains of sin and death, ascended to the right hand of God the Father where he ever makes intercession for us. Now if we will confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God has raised him from the dead we shall be saved from the wrath which is to come. Mankind cannot save itself. No government on Earth can stay the tide of what is coming. Only Jesus can rescue us from what lies ahead and He will rescue those who put their faith in Him.

Our message sounds like a no-brainer. An offer has been made. A way out has been provided. But Jesus has made it clear that the good news will surely be rejected by many and those who reject it will become increasingly oppositional. It’s a mess for sure! But as my blogging friend J.S. Park has said “We need game-changers. Words about love sound pretty; actually loving people is messy. Be part of the mess.”

My friends, Be brave!

Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 134

amos Who are your enemies? Everyone has at least one. What did you do to earn their animosity? I have to admit I come by some of my enemies honestly. Then there are others…people who have just decided they don’t like me because I’m me. I honestly don’t know what I did or do or am that makes them look on me with “ick”.

David was a man of many enemies. He earned some of his foes and then others like Nabal and the Ziphites  just hated David for being David.

Here’s what I see in today’s chapters:

I Samuel chapter 25 sermon topics/titles:

1. When Greatness Makes You Stupid: I SAm. 25:1-38

2.  Being a Peacemaker In the House Of a Fool: I Sam. 25: 14-38

3. Letting the Lord Plead Your Cause: I Sam. 39-44

I Samuel chapter 26 sermon topics/ titles:

1. When It Seems Like Everyone Hates You: I Sam. 26:1-25

2. Counting Coup: I Sam. 26: 1-13

3. Offering Peace: I Sam. 26:13-25

What do you do when there’s no making peace?

The Temple

What follows are the thoughts of my son. When he read these to me last night I thought I just had to share them…So with his permission…

The Temple

Today I ate dinner at the Thai place. I noticed some things  I had never given thought to before. A Vietnamese friend of mine works there, well actually that is where I met her, and I am friends with the owner. I noticed today, however, Lee (my Vietnamese friend) waiing to a small statue I never even saw before. I know the statue has been there for a while. It is not like they put new decorations in every day.

The people who work at this restaurant are people I have come to know and cherish deeply. I know they feel the same about me (teaching me Thai and taking 10% off my bill whenever I come in). My friend’s act, however took me back to the spirit houses (that “house” the displaced spirits) I would walk past in Thailand. It reminded me of  the monks in orange who became my friends. I was  reminded of the temples I went into with my friend Lara. I would see people putting golden leaves on the statues of Buddha for merit in the next life. I can still smell the incense they’d burn, and see the lotuses they held. Countless people walk into these centers of worship every day, these are people whom I love. Right now I am taken back to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Burma, a hub of Buddhist worship. This is the golden center of a rundown city. I see people kneeling in front of the Buddha. It is one thing to be taken in by such beautiful buildings as a tourist. However, I am no tourist. I see artificial beauty masking a dark truth. There are people who are still out there who have yet to hear the good news.

Salvation does not have to be earned; It can’t be. People without this truth go on with their day-to-day lives thinking “salvation” (I use this term very loosely) must be earned. These are what you would call “good” people.

I don’t just speak this only about Buddhists. You can apply my words to Muslims, Wiccans, and Atheists. I  speak out of my own personal journeys and adventures. How many people do we see a day? How many do we close our eyes to? It is a tragedy that because we lack love our churches are shrinking. Show me a church that loves (God, brothers, and man) I will show you one that grows.

I have often wondered what is more important, loving people, or being a witness to them. We must do both, and not witness because it is our duty, but witness because we love.

We are all TEMPLES of the Holy Spirit. I am not saying you should  imbed your chest with a cross and have people kneel at your feet. What I am saying is that inside of us there ought to be two things: First something in our life that points to the God we serve,  second a heart that is constantly worshiping God in Spirit and in truth. Each man is a temple to that which he worships: god, ideals, entity, morals, etc.  What we serve will show. How much it pains me to see  Christians pointing people away from God because we have constructed a temple to self within us.

Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 132

As I read the ongoing saga of David, the king-in-waiting, I am reminded that accomplishing God’s plan in the world…”His kingdom come”  is not cost-free to those involved. The price for David was extremely high.

Just a thought could some of the trials you are currently struggling through be part of your cost to bringing about the plan and purpose of God in your little corner of the world?

Here’s what I see in today’s chapters:

I Samuel chapter 21 sermon topics/titles:

1. An Echo For the Messiah: I Samuel 21:1-6

2.  When God Makes Trouble: I Samuel 21: 7

3. When God’s Plan Makes You Look Insane: I Samuel 21: 10-15


I Samuel chapter 22 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Leading the Misfits: I Samuel 22: 1,2

2. When God Puts You In Harm’s Way: I Samuel 22: 5-7

3. A Family Curse Fulfilled: I Samuel 22: 9-23

Now tell me what life lessons you draw from these chapters! 🙂


Waste Your Life

Our youth pastor Brad Hackett preached a continuation of Pastor Risto’s message from last week. God has been making us ready for His kingdom building work in these last days. I am believing God for a great revival before His return. Are you? What do you think that revival will look like?

Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 126

When I started writing “Reinventing the We’ll”  I was walking through a valley of great change. At first I thought the blog would be all about the changes themselves; But as I wrote what was in my heart I found that I was not writing much about the actual changes (although pieces of them have made their way into certain blogs and comments), rather I was writing about the concepts and methods that anchored me through those changes.  Everyone needs a solid rock to stand on when the rest of the world liquefies. Jesus is my Solid Rock. His Bible has been the chain holding me onto the Rock as the waves of change crashed down upon me.

I love the chapter charts because they have been intentional exercises which have strengthened the effectiveness of God’s Word in my life.

If you are struggling today let me encourage you, trust Jesus with the struggle. Don’t just read His word study it and gather His divine strength for the battle.

Here’s what I see in today’s chapters!

I Samuel chapter 9 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Head And Shoulders: I Sam. 9:1,2

2. A Place Of Ministry a Place Of Honor: I Sam. 9: 5-13

3. God Focuses On the Smallest: I Sam. 9: 15-24

I Samuel chapter 10 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The After Effects of the Oil: 1 Sam. 10:1-13

2. The Private Made Public: 1 Sam. 10: 17-24

3. Ignore the Scoundrels: I Sam 10: 27

Now tell me what you see in these chapters. 🙂