Pastor Wrinkles Chapter Charts Pt. 44

In the hurry of the season, don’t forget to spend some time studying the Word that gives life!

The chapter charts are a perfect and quick way to get the word in deep! Give it a try.

Here’s how: As you read the assigned chapters come up with three topics or titles for sermons or teaching you would like to hear someone preach on. Then imagine them preaching the sermon. That is what you call a meditation.

Exodus chapter 37 sermon topics/titles:

1. Facing the Presence Of Mercy: Exodus 37:1-9

2. The Weight of Glory: Exodus 37: 1-29

3. The Scent of Eternity: Exodus 37: 29

Exodus chapter 38 sermon topics/titles:

1. Where Man Meets God: Exodus 38: 1-7

2. Take a Look Before you Go In! Exodus 38:8

3. Is Your Worship Brazen? Exodus 38: 14-17

Now tell me what you see? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles Chapter Charts Pt. 44

  1. Pastor J, I bet alot of people would like to know this “Where Man Meets God”. Good stuff.
    Exodus 37
    1. Mercy lies within His wings. 37:8-9
    2. What fuels your lampstand? 37:17-24
    3. The sweetness of His anointing. 37:29
    Exodus 38
    1. Is there life still left in your burnt offering? 38:1-7
    2. The hanging of the court. 38:9-20
    3. He needs you to complete His work. 38:22

    • It’s interesting to me. Most of us want to meet God in the place of blessing and miracle. The problem is that’s not God’s meeting place. His meeting place is at the cross of repentance.

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