Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 39

     Have you been studying the book of Exodus with us? The Bible has so many practical lessons to share with men and women who will diligently apply themselves to its study.

     These chapter charts are a simple way to be diligent. I have found so many new ways to think about and apply Scripture since beginning my list of sermon topics and titles. Honestly, most of them will probably never be preached. Yet they do inform my preaching, my teaching, and my living!

     Here are the topics I came up with from our chapters in Exodus for today!

Exodus chapter 27 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Where Sin and Holiness Meet: Exodus 27: 1-8

2. The Blood and the Glory In Fabric: Exodus 27:16

3. The Light Must Burn: Exodus 27:20-21

Exodus chapter 28 sermon topic/ titles:

1. The Color of the Priest: Exodus 28:1-5

2. Who Do We Bear Before the Lord? Exodus 28:6-14

3. Who Do You Carry On Your Heart? Exodus 28:15-21

Now what do you see in these chapters? 🙂