And Moving On…

Hello there my WordPress friends,

When I started writing Reinventing the We’ll three years ago I was a very different man. So much has changed and that was the point of the blog really…change.

R.T.W. and the people who read it have been used by God as a great source of strength through some very difficult times…again times of change. I certainly didn’t see what was coming: My kids went off to school and now two are graduating and planning to go off to Master’s programs; Pastor Wrinkles was born out of a youth group joke. Then I promptly retired from youth ministry turning Pastor Wrinkles into a nomme de plume here on RTW; I started the chapter charts and Heaven posts and rediscovered my love for in-depth Bible study… and photography (thanks Cee!);  C.cada artist’s community was born; My sister moved to the Netherlands and I moved back to my childhood home; Certain things in my life died and though I miss them I realize dwelling on the past only helps if it informs the future against more idiotic mistakes… so I have said to myself , “Grieve…and move on…change!”

I come to the end of this chapter suddenly, it seems. I find myself  never alone and alone all at once in the presence of an extremely gracious God who has ridden the rapids with me and kept me in the boat! I won’t be stupid enough to suggest that all my changes are done or that the rapids are far- gone up river; But I know that “R.T.W.”  has taken me as far as it can go. 

So I am unloading this boat called “Reinventing the We’ll”  onto the shores of a new land (…err blog that is) called “Lillie-Put”

 (yes my middle name is Elon stop laughing). I am taking some of the most precious things from “RTW” along with me including: Jesus (I go nowhere without Him), Pastor Wrinkles, C.cada, photography, Heaven, and hopefully you!

We have whole new world to discover together. So won’t you come along for the walk? Here, grab a lantern and let’s go!

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

15 thoughts on “And Moving On…

  1. Pastor J I be a followin’ ya. I too have learned so much about my love for the Word when I started my blog and because of other bloggers in this online “body of Christ” I’ve grown as well. I think it’s wonderful that with the changes, the Lord leads a little further down the path.
    I have my lantern in right hand and a flashlight in my left. “Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path”. I need both, to watch where I’m stepping and show the path ahead.
    Be seeing you.. many blessings!

  2. I don’t like change, but in your case, I’ll make an exception. I don’t intend missing out on the blessings you always cause.

    I’ve looked at your new site and my first thought is that I prefer the old – but that is me. As I said, I don’t like change (except, of course for the continual change the Lord makes in me). Anyway, I’m there so I’ll soon get used to it. (Of course, if the Lord comes today, the change won’t bother me, will it?)

    We ARE one day closer!

    • Angela I think that first line is the nicest thing anybody has said to me about my writing. I am so glad you are willing to track with me. It wasn’t anything I ever thought I would do but I think it’s a God thing. As far as the theme goes I am not entirely sold either but it’s a landing place.

  3. Hi Pastor J,

    So glad I happened by to learn you are ‘moving on’. I will be sure to add your new site to my blog roll and will try to come visit as often as possible. Not guaranteeing anything, mind, but I will try.

    Thank you for all of your prayer and support and encouragement over the past months. They are deeply appreciated.

  4. My Dearest Pj, How beautiful your revamp of RTW is.
    This feels so full of love and your passion is so striking to me.

    I find what I will choose to call an echoed blessing between us yet again. It seems that the words “Moved On” & “Moving On” are not mere ironies of life. There is without a doubt in my mind or my heart that God has great things n store for you & I who have moved on to all the possibilities & hopes intended for us in God’s plan.

    Finding that we both have titled posts “Moved On” and ” Moving On” is just yet another example of being kindred spirits.
    You Bless this community, you bless me.
    Thank you for you Pj~

  5. Wow I just found you again and your moving on Pastor J but I can’t find you in my records, why I’m not sure but I have had Computers crash and lost other Bloggers who I was in contact with, and I’m still trying to find them too.

    Will check out your new Blog thanks for letting us know, some don’t let you know, they just leave you wondering and sometimes hurt but as you said we move on in Love.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

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