Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 144

amosThe Bible teaches us that bitterness is a root that brings forth all kinds of evil. David’s son Absalom gave himself fully to a bitter root. He took up his sister’s offense and turned it into unforgiveness not just for his sister’s rapist but also for the father who did nothing to punish it. The results were disastrous for an entire nation.

Here is what I see in today’s chapters:

II Samuel chapter 14 sermon topics/titles:

1. When Soldiers Try To Play Prophet: II Sam. 14:1-22

2. Burning For Attention: II Sam. 14:23-32

3. Absalom’s Kiss: II Sam. 14: 33

II Samuel chapter 15 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Building a Following: II Sam. 15:1-12

2. God Grants a Following: II Sam. 15: 13-20

3.  God’s Plants In the Enemies Camp: II Sam. 15:23-37

Now tell me what you see. 🙂

Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 143

amos  When things go wrong we often point the finger at God and ask “why”. The old adage usually holds though “when you point at someone remember there are  four fingers pointing directly back at you.”  I can’t speak for you but I know some of my life’s biggest issues have more to do with how I am than with how God is.

David understood this from the lessons he learned in II Samuel chapter 12 and 13

Here’s what I see:

II Samuel chapter 12 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The Lesson of the Little Lamb: II Sam. 12:1-6

2. What Will You Do When God Calls You Out? II Sam. 12:7-13

3. Knowing When To Grieve: II Sam. 12:15-24

II Samuel chapter 13 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The Trouble With Crafty Cousins: II Sam. 13: 1-11

2. When We Arrange Our Own Temptations: II Sam. 13: 6-14

3. The Wait Of Revenge: II Sam. 13: 13-29

Have you ever blamed God for a hurt only to later realize you had brought about your own pain? What do you see in these chapters?



Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 142

amos The longer I am a Christian the more I come to realize that Christianity is not a “Shock and Awe” campaign; It is a war of attrition. Our enemy will not be completely defeated until the Lord remakes the Heavens and Earth. So we have to be vigilant. We cannot afford to let our guard down on this side of glory. Our chapters today have something to say about that.

Here’s what I see in today’s chapters:

II Samuel chapter 10 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Don’t Let Insecurity Ruin Your Relationships: II Sam. 10: 1-5

2. Making War Instead Of Amends: II Sam. 10: 6-8

3. Warring In the Anointing: II Sam. 10:9-19

II Samuel chapter 11 sermon topics/ titles:

1. What Happens When We Rest On Past Victories: II Sam. 11: 1-27

2. Playing the Cover-up Game: II Sam. 11: 11-27

3. Letting the Heart Lead : II Sam. 2-27

Now tell me what you see. 🙂

Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 141

amos When God releases a blessing our responsibility is to step into it. I wrote a quote a a few days ago from Owen Carr that speaks to the situation David found himself in II Samuel chapters 8 and 9.

“God first gives a man a BURDEN to see what must be done. Then He gives a VISION to show what can be done. Then He gives a FAITH to believe that it can be done. The one thing God doesn’t give is the DARING to do what must be done. You have to provide that yourself.” Owen Carr

Here’s what I see in today’s chapters:

II Samuel chapter 8 sermon topics/ titles:

1.When God’s Blessing Means War: II Sam. 8 : 1-3

2. Shutting Down the Enemy: II Sam. 8 :4

3. When God Fills the Coffers: II Sam. 8: 7-18

II Samuel chapter 9 sermon topics/ title:

1. Fulfilling Your Vows: II Sam. 9:1-13

2. When Getting Rid Of Idols Seems To Leave You With No Blessing: II SAm. 9:1-6

3. The Restoration of Blessing: II Sam. 9:7-13

Now tell me what you see. 🙂

Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 140

amosWhat does it take for a man to lose his stubborn pride and to worship God without worrying what others think about him? Are we willing to become undignified in the eyes of others in order to display our love for God? It was a process for David to get there and the price was steep.

Where are you in the process? Is there anything in the way?

Here is a bit of what I see in today’s chapters. They contain a lot of truth so see if you can help me dig some more nuggets out of them.

II Samuel chapter 6 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Numbers don’t matter when the heart’s not right: II Sam. 6:1-11

2. Being Afraid Of God Follows Being Mad At God: II Sam. 6: 8-10

3. God’s Way Won’t Please the World: II Sam. 6:14-23

II Samuel chapter 7 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Does God Want What You Want: II Sam. 7: 1-7

2. A Name, A Place, and a Planting: II Sam. 7: 9-11

3. The Davidic Covenant: II Sam. 7: 12-17

Have fun finding 3 of your own truths from each chapter. 🙂 Tell me what you learned!

Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt.139

amosIt is always the Lord who gives the victory sometimes we get to be involved in the battle. David understood that even when others didn’t. II Samuel 4 and 5 show David exhibiting this humble attitude yet again.

Here is what I see in our chapters today:

II Samuel chapter 4 sermon topics/titles:

1. Despair Brings Certain Defeat: II Sam. 4:1-7

2. Asleep At Her Post: II Sam. 4: 5,6

3.  The Danger Of Assumptions: II Sam. 4: 7-12

 II Samuel chapter 5 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The Blind and Lame May Not Enter the House: II Sam. 5:1-8

2. Waking Up To Blessing: II Sam. 5: 1-11

3. Blessings Bring the Trouble: II Sam. 5: 17-25

Now what do you see in these chapters? 🙂

Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 138

amosThe Lord’s timing is most definitely not our timing. The Lord’s promises come to pass most often by increments, not all of a sudden. David discovered this as he walked from the moment of his boyhood anointing to be king through 15 years of battle with Saul. Even after Saul’s death the promise of kingship over Israel was not a done deal as II Samuel 2 and 3 tell us.

Here is what I see in today’s chapters:

II Samuel chapter 2 sermon topics/titles

1.  Taking the Next Step: II Sam. 2: 1-3

2.  Never Be Discouraged By Echoes of the Past: II Sam. 2:4-11

3.  the Consequences of Refusing To Follow the Lord’s Anointed: II Sam. 2:30,31

II Samuel chapter 3 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The Reasons For Ishbosheth’s Slow Fade: II Sam. 3: 1-9

2. The Pride Of Abner: II Sam. 3: 4-30

3. God Removes the Kingmaker and Makes a King! II Sam. 3:30-37


Have you ever received on of God’s promises in increments like David did?

What do you see in II Samuel chapter 2 and 3?


Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 137


Ernest Gordon was serving as a captain in the British army during the Second World War when he was captured by the Japanese and marched with other prisoners into the Southeast Asian jungles. The prison camp, which was constructing a railroad bridge over the river Kwai, would eventually claim the lives of 80,000 men.

The prisoners were forced to work for hours in scorching temperatures, chopping their way through tangled jungles. Those who paused out of exhaustion were beaten to death by the guards.

…“Death was still with us,” writes Gordon. “But we were slowly being freed from its destructive grip. We were seeing for ourselves the sharp contrast between the forces that made for life and those that made for death. Selfishness, hatred, envy, jealousy, greed, self-indulgence, laziness and pride were all anti-life.

Love, heroism, self-sacrifice, sympathy, mercy, integrity and creative faith, on the other hand, were the essence of life, turning mere existence into living in its truest sense. These were the gifts of God to men. True, there was hatred. But there was also love. There was death. But there was also life. God had not left us. He was with us, calling us to live the divine life in fellowship.” In the valley of the shadow of death, Christ had risen…. So complete was the transformation of the men, so real the presence of Christ among them that they were able to reach out even to their captors with the love that had taken hold of them.

While still in the hands of their enemies, a train carrying Gordon and several others came alongside another boxcar at a stop in Burma. The entire car was filled with gravely wounded Japanese soldiers. They were left alone, without medical attention or company, as if abandoned refuse of war.

“They were in a shocking state,” Gordon recalls. “The wounded looked at us forlornly as they sat with their heads resting against the carriages waiting fatalistically for death…. These were our enemy.”

Without a word, many of the officers unbuckled their packs, took out part of their rations and a few rags, and with their canteens went over to the Japanese train. The guards tried to prevent them, but they pressed through, kneeling by the side of the injured men with food and water, cleaning their wounds.

Eighteen months earlier the same men of the river Kwai prison camp would have celebrated the humiliation and destruction of any on the side of their violent captors.

Yet Gordon explains, “We had experienced a moment of grace, there in the bloodstained railway cars. God had broken through the barriers of our prejudice and had given us the will to obey his command, ‘Thou shalt love.’”

Among a valley of dry bones, God had breathed men to life. In the trenches of despair and hatred, the inexplicable love of Christ called enemies—and men—to hope and forgiveness.

– Testimony of Ernest Gordon, author of biographical book “Through the Valley of the Kwai” which became the film To End All Wars

It is in the really tough trials of life that we learn the greatest graces of our Christians walk. Our chapters today reveal what David’s trials forged within him.

Here is what I see:

I Samuel chapter 31 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Even Kings Despair When They Rebel Against God.: I Sam. 31: 1-6

2. Two Portraits: Fleeing and Facing the Enemy: I Sam. 31:7-13

3. Honoring the Past: I Sam. 31: 11-13

II Samuel chapter 1 sermon topics/titles:

1.  Don’t Be  a Foolish Amalekite: II Sam. 1:1-16

2. Honoring Your Enemies: II Sam. 1:  17-27

3. Remember the Mighty Can Fall: II Sam. 1:27

Now tell me what you see. 🙂

Pastor Wrinkles: The Glory Of Story Pt. 10

The Israeli hero of the Bible Joshua made a famous speech at the end of his life. The times were changing. Joshua saw that the national dedication to God was waning and that questions of faith were rising up among the leaders of the next generation. So before his death he rose up to make one more appeal to the Israelites to encourage and to warn them. In one part of his speech he said:

“So fear the LORD and serve him wholeheartedly. Put away forever the idols your ancestors worshiped when they lived beyond the Euphrates River and in Egypt. Serve the LORD alone.  But if you refuse to serve the LORD, then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD.”  Josh. 24:14,15

We live in similar times. The generations before us have accomplished great things in this great nation we call America; But questions of faith have risen in our generation. Our nation’s dedication to our Christian heritage has all but failed. Yet God has chosen us to be a part of this chapter of His story. He has not chosen us to hide our lights under a bushel. He has called us to choose this day whom we would serve… to choose this year whom we would serve. God has chosen us to take up our passion and our place in the world and to become the pens with which He would write the rest of Earth’s tale.

Will you choose to be His light? Will you choose to be His bride? Will you choose to let Him do whatever He wants to through your life in order to finish the story?