I guess when people start describing themselves they usually start with what they do. I know that was my temptation. I suppose telling you I am a pastor is a small start towards describing who I am, but I warn you while the world at large would like to lump clerics into one big ball, we and our families are as varied as the snowflakes that fall during a New England Nor’Easter.

     My wife, Tina, and I were married young, had three children naturally and adopted another. During our marriage we have worked in restraunts, newspapers, schools, and group homes ( Oh yeah and churches). We’ve done foster care for children and we have opened our home to the developmentally disabled. We’ve lived with my parents, her parents, and had parents live with us. We’ve lived with one bathroom for 11 people and three bathrooms for 2. We’ve travelled the country and beyond. One of us is an adventurer by nature and the other is a hermit. Neither of us have gotten exactly what we expected.

     This life has been better than anything either of us could ever dream. Sometimes though we miss the forest in the trees. I guess that’s a good start on getting to know us. Have fun on the journey.

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  1. you mentioned on your blog that your wife wants to go skydiving and I definitely recommend it -for both of you! I was scared to death to go, but it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. Exhilarating! =)
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  2. My dear friend – As you know, it’s award season at TMG. I’m nominating you for both The Versatile Blogger Award and the 7×7 Linked Award. Not being completely comfortable with the awards or the requirements that accompany them, I’ve taken some liberties. I’ve created a new category on my side bar, linking to my favorite posts instead of my favorite blogs. I don’t know about you, but I can be 100% with someone on one post and in almost complete disagreement on another! 😉 Feel free to accept or ignore the awards. My hope is simply to get people to read your wonderful blog.
    I’m starting with 3 posts that I really like for 3 very different reasons. One is your post A Perfect Christmas. I loved that post!
    Thank you for your wise and tender words here at Reinventing the We’ll!

  3. As a way of thanking you for your ministry to me here at WordPress, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Details are at: https://meetingintheclouds.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/awards-that-honour-my-father/

    If you accept this award, the rules state you are required to share 10 things about yourself and to nominate others who radiate the essence of the award, telling them they are nominated and giving a link to the nomination. I’m sure sure if these rules are obligatory as I’ve also read ‘do nothing but accept’. You can display the award on your page.

    I know you don’t look for reward, but please accept this and my thanks.

  4. Hello Brother J, I could also tell you about all my extensive credentials and achievements it would take less then a minute you can be assured but what I would like to say instead is thank you for receiving The King of Kings Friendship Award from Johnthan, it is an Award without rules not because I don’t believe in keeping rules that those who created the other Awards ask for, this is respect, not to do so shows disregard for others wishes, if we don’t want to keep the rules we should not accept their Award and perhaps create our own instead of messing up theirs. Having said that with my Award I felt that others should have the freedom to do as they felt lead so some have called it a blessing others an Award and I noticed you have called it both and this is your choice and I like your idea. Thank you again we are family we are one and Ron said to thank you also, I will be back to read more of your Blog and to share my vast knowledge.

    Christian Love Anne

  5. Hi Pastor J!! This is wonderful–I love how you describe the difference between adventurer and hermit!! When I was over here a minute ago, I forgot to say that you did a fine job of interpreting my poem about the Flame Tree. Thank you kindly for reading it, and commenting–how thoughtful and generous!! God bless you and the family abundantly.

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  7. HELP! I have never had trouble uploading pics to my posts but everything is changed and now every time I try to upload either to my post or to my media files, it comes up ‘error’.

    Can you help?


    • I know what you mean Angela! I don’t like the way wordpress has changed the process either. What I have to do is “add media” from the tool bar up top of the post. Then I click on “upload files” in the upper left hand corner. I “select files”. Then I double click on the picture I want from my pictures file. It takes a minute to upload into the screen on the right. Then I click on insert on the bottom left. This doesn’t work on my laptop. WordPress stops working everytime I hit “upload files” So I have to go to the media icon on the tool bar at the left. Click on media. Then on add new. Then I browse just like we used to and choose the file and upload to the media library. After I have uploaded it to the media library I go back to my New POst and “add media” then I go to “media library” I choose the picture I want and then upload. It is way more complicated. I hope this helps a little.

      • Thanks. I’m printing out this reply and trying again – but I don’t hold out much hope. Every time I try it comes up with http error.
        If you see a new post, I’ve managed it. If not, I just might give up all together.
        Thanks for your help. I’tt have another go.

      • No go, I’m afraid. That is what I have been doing, but each time (on the post and on the media file) I get ‘http error’.
        I even tried to upload a picture I’ve used before, with the same result.

        I’ve tried the help files but they are no help, and I can’t find a way of direct contact.

        Thanks for trying. I appreciate it.

      • Perhaps WordPress help center could help you figure it out. I have had to e-mail them a few times with problema and they have been fixed the issue!

      • I contacted wordpress help on Saturday but haven’t received a reply yet. I did post to the forum and have had one reply from someone else with the same problem who hasn’t been able to rectify it.

        Lyn Leahz added the pic to my last post and is willing to do so again, but I really want the problem fixed.

  8. Hi Pastor “J”….thanks for the follow…. I am deeply honored. I hope and pray that “Unwalled” will be a source of encouragement, inspiration and edification in your life. May God bless you and your family and have a safe, memorable Christmas……Kim

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