The Christmas Season Pt 6: the 2012th Noel


Every year we sing “The First Noel”. We are so far beyond that now.  We are tonight celebrating the 2012th Noel (give or take). It amazes me that being so far separated from the event we yet celebrate it. That fact alone speaks to the importance of the act, God coming to dwell among us! How blessed are we that the Creator chose to take on the form of man…to become one of us…to bear our sin and so liberate the entire creation from the bondage to decay!

Merry Christmas friends! Never forget what God did for us!

8 thoughts on “The Christmas Season Pt 6: the 2012th Noel

  1. I agree the fact that we still remember His coming two thousand years later is a great witness to the truth of the fact of His coming, but I know you will agree the greatest “proof” of His existence and the absolute truth of His claims is in the REALITY of our relationship with Him and His work in our lives, changing us into Christlikeness.

    What an incredibly amazing, living God!

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