The Christmas Season Pt. 4: The Christmas Tag

I love the high holy days of the church! The world can try to turn Christmas into Winter Holiday, Kwanzaa,  or End of the Mayan World Day for that matter, but as long as the church inhabits the earth, this time of year will remain Christmas the season in which we celebrate the birth of Christ. You can’t stop the church…or its Christmas because its backers ( that would be Father, Son and Holy Ghost in case you were wondering) are too powerful.

I am really thankful to Lizzie from for tagging me in “The Christmas Tag”. If you have not stopped by her blog give her a read this season!

Here are the questions I have been asked about Christmas:

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?  When I was little my mom was an ER nurse. It seemed she always pulled the Christmas Eve shift. Dad ran the town restaurant. He closed two days a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Christmas morning mom would get home about 7 A.M. and head off to bed for a few hours of shut-eye and my sister and I would open our stockings by ourselves while mom and dad took advantage of a ” day of rest”. I say all this just to point out there wasn’t a whole lot of Jesus in our Christmas. My folks worked through his birth!

As I have aged I have discovered that the whole gift giving end of Christmas has waned in importance. My favorite part of the season is the church celebration. Christmas Eve is one of the most important services of my year and when Christmas falls on a Sunday…I feel like I am living in a Dickens novel!

What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?
Make-up? Ummm….

Real or fake tree?
Most definitely fake. I like to put the tree up on Thanksgiving so a real tree would be brown by Christmas.

Giving presents or receiving them?
I think I could actually go without presents. I love the idea of giving to a missions project for the season. I probably would do this for everybody if I knew that I wouldn’t offend certain people on my list by giving their gift to someone else.

Do you open your presents on Christmas morning or evening?
The last couple of years we have actually not opened our gifts until the kids came home at the New Year. I have really pared down, too, so the holiday is more about being together than about the gifts.

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
Usually I buy my cards.

What’s your favourite Christmas film?
The Nativity…And Little Women the old version with June Allison playing Jo.

What’s your favourite Christmas food?
Lasagna and cole slaw, eggnog and pumpkin roll! 🙂

Here are the three folks I am choosing to tag for this challenge.