Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 129

I have an issue with people pleasing. I know it’s sort of a common problem…not very exciting.Like most people I come by it out of a desire to be accepted because there have been times in my life when I have experienced intense rejection. I never want to feel the sting of disapproval. But this fear of man turns into a snare sometimes in my leadership. In those moments when I give in to my people pleasing side rather than my God pleasing side the Father counts it as sin.

I have tried to play the past card with God… You know what I’m talking about. I say things like “But God I’m this way because I always got picked last in gym class” OR “God my _____________(fill-in the blank) done me wrong!”

My loving Father inevitably comes back and tells me “Son those are reasons not excuses.”

In the end we may have good reasons for what we do but all our reasons don’t make our sins any less sinful. Saul learned that the hard way. These chapters mark the beginning of the end for Saul.

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising

Here’s what I see in today’s chapters:

 I Samuel chapter 15 sermon topics/titles:

1.The Day Of Vengeance Comes: I Samuel. 15:1-9

2. When Judgment’s Forestalled Kingdoms Fall: I Samuel 15:1-29

3. Making God a Liar: I Samuel 15:29

I Samuel chapter 16 sermon topics/ titles:

1.When It’s Time To Give Up: I Samuel 16:1

2. Greatness Made In the Crucible Of Secrecy: I Samuel 16:1-13

3. God Opens the Door: I Samuel 16: 14-19

There are so many more ideas clocked in these chapters. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂