Relentless Pt. 3

Over the past three days we have been setting up a conversation about becoming relentless Christians. Today we are going to be talking about being relentless in praise

Church, Times are tough. Money is tight. Families are falling apart. The world is at war. Disease is spreading.  So Now is the time to praise God!

Just as it seems like we have every reason to doubt our Creator, now is the time when we must become even more powerful in praise! The power of praise makes our pathway easier, unleashes the provision of God, heals broken hearts and restores broken relationships! Praise brings peace in the midst of any storm, and releases the healing of Jesus. But for it to do that we must praise God at the beginning of the battle. We cannot wait until  the battle is over  to praise Him because if we do the end of the battle will never come.

It is praise alone that engages us in battle and brings us through to the victory. So many are holding back their praise waiting for God to do something good.

We say ‘Impress me God and then I will praise you.”

That may be the way it works with your children or your spouse but it is not the way it works with God. Praise is the air through which the Holy Spirit moves. It is the vehicle He rides in on. If you want the answer then begin to praise Him for it!

We will speak more about this soon. In the meantime can you tell me of a time when praising God took you through a rough spot?

20 thoughts on “Relentless Pt. 3

  1. That was a powerful song, thank you, Pastor J. I know of many times God brought me through when my son was having many seizures and the doctors couldn’t stop them with medication. Giving my son to God and praising Him for the healing that was coming is what got me through those tough days. Thank you, God for never leaving my side. A-men!!!

  2. This may sound silly, but what comes to mind right now is a time when I had new shoes and they were hurting me bad. Blisters, the whole bit. I was a postal carrier and had an all walking route, so had to wear these shoes as I covered about 10 miles that day. I set off praising Him and carried on all day long and He carried me. I got done in record time and barely felt the pain at all! 🙂 God bless you and thank you for this important reminder about praising Him NOW!

  3. I was advised very early in my Christian life that in times of trouble, the most important response is PRAISE – constant, real praise. That was good advice. Praise immediately places the circumstances UNDER the Sovereign God, and while I might still be IN the circumstances, I am no long UNDER them.
    Can I tell you a time? Thousands, but the ones that stick in my mind are the times I *DIDN’T* immediately follow that advice. Guess what? They got worse – until I started to praise.

    We serve an amazing God!

    • It is so true. The sound of praise is the signal for the Holy Spirit to join the battle. Until that moment we are still UNDER the circumstance. Thanks Angela

  4. Thanks Jelillie! Praise does always welcome His Spirit. Even in the simple things like struggling to pray. When I turn to just praising Him the Spirit provides the communion. Thanks!

  5. Last year was tough medically for me but through it all I was able to Praise God for my many healings, miracles I call them. Yes I let doubt fill me at first but when I started to Praise His name I was fill with His Spirit over and over again, then I was able to smile and be joyful in my situation because I know my God is a God of Love, a God of Healing, a God of Compassion, and a God of whatever your need is. I was even able to witness to many doctors, nurses, patients, and family by giving God the Glory He deserved. We all need to walk by faith until it is sight, and lets not wait for those desperate times, lets walk in Faith everyday until it is sight, in all that we pray for even those little prayers that we utter throuhgout our day. Praise you Jesus!!! Thank you Father for loving us so much that you sent us your only begotten son, Jesus Christ! All Glory and Honor is yours!!!! Amen! & Amen!!!

  6. God bless you, Pastor J
    Great post!
    “. In the meantime can you tell me of a time when praising God took you through a rough spot?”
    (…Assuming praise was my first response … 😦 )

    There are days I don’t know where to start and I don’t have the right words, so I find a song of praise and lift that to Him. Or I head to the Book of Psalms to find the words my heart cannot speak.
    Some days the deliverance is immediate … at other times, I find I have to remain in that state of praising for a while longer. Either way, my soul is refreshed, enriched and and strengthened. I am thankful for His grace and everlasting love.

    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

    • I am with you Ann! Inspiration and direction, wisdom and knowledge flow many times out of that place of praise. Praise him and the world around you is illumined! 🙂

  7. Thank you Pastor J for this reminder. There are times when I have allowed the circumstances to sink me into grumbling, and things always got worse. But when my heart starts to sing praises, even if the circumstance does not immediately change, my outlook does and things don’t seem as bad as they did.

  8. Pastor J, I am still riding my praise through a tremendous storm of sickness right now! I give God the glory, because He is working miraculously in my life, as I praise Him in this storm! Great post!!!


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