Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 89

Well we are getting closer and closer to the end of our count down to a hundred contest and to the end of the Pentateuch! Here is what I see in Deuteronomy chapters 20 and 21!

Deuteronomy chapter 20 sermon topics/ titles:

1. You will face war: Deut. 20:1

2. Priests of Warfare: Deut. 20:2-4

3. The Contagion of Detestable Things: Deut. 20:16-18

Wow there is a lot more to this chapter. I wish I had more than three sermons worth of charting; But rules are rules. 🙂

Deuteronomy chapter 21 sermon topics/titles:

1. The Importance of Innocence: Deut. 21: 1-9

2. Shaving Away the Old Way: Deut. 21: 10-13

3.The Curse That Blessed: Deut. 21: 22,23

Now tell me what you see! 🙂