Relentless Pt. 8

Today we are continuing our conversation about becoming relentless in righteousness. If you are just tuning in catch up here…

      Church, while we live in the day of increasing wickedness, we cannot let the increase draw us away. On the other hand, we cannot by our own strength hope to defeat sin for that becomes nothing more than legalism. History has shown us that all our  attempts to program holiness don’t work. We can’t four step or two-step or twelve step our way to freedom. Because righteousness, holiness, and deliverance do not start with us; They start with God. The answer doesn’t start with a program it starts at an altar. It starts at the foot of the cross. It begins by calling on God for help and letting Him move into the area that you are struggling with. Just like you couldn’t save yourself, you cannot fix yourself. You have to let God begin the process by asking Him  and then believing that He has helped you. You have to believe you are free not because you feel free but because the Bible says you are free.

Once you have gone to him and asked for freedom Then you begin to cooperate with God in freedom. It is after the altar that you begin to walk with God through the four steps, the two steps and the twelve steps. Going to God is always step  1. In the twelve steps of AA the first three steps involve what we call confession and repentance before God and that is coming to God. Then you move forward into what you can do! Begin with the help of the supernatural and then do what you can in the natural. This is the increase of holiness we need. True holiness isn’t good versus bad it’s about going to God versus turning to your own strength.

If we are to be relentless in righteousness we must become relentless about turning everything over to God.

These are the days of Elijah! I believe it. Great and mighty things are going to happen but as they do the call of God is going out to be relentless in praise in ministry and in righteousness!