Relentless Pt. 3

Over the past three days we have been setting up a conversation about becoming relentless Christians. Today we are going to be talking about being relentless in praise

Church, Times are tough. Money is tight. Families are falling apart. The world is at war. Disease is spreading.  So Now is the time to praise God!

Just as it seems like we have every reason to doubt our Creator, now is the time when we must become even more powerful in praise! The power of praise makes our pathway easier, unleashes the provision of God, heals broken hearts and restores broken relationships! Praise brings peace in the midst of any storm, and releases the healing of Jesus. But for it to do that we must praise God at the beginning of the battle. We cannot wait until  the battle is over  to praise Him because if we do the end of the battle will never come.

It is praise alone that engages us in battle and brings us through to the victory. So many are holding back their praise waiting for God to do something good.

We say ‘Impress me God and then I will praise you.”

That may be the way it works with your children or your spouse but it is not the way it works with God. Praise is the air through which the Holy Spirit moves. It is the vehicle He rides in on. If you want the answer then begin to praise Him for it!

We will speak more about this soon. In the meantime can you tell me of a time when praising God took you through a rough spot?