Creative Creations

How’s this for a quote?

” The creator who created us, created creations that live to create!” Pastor Ray, Celebration Life Family Church

When I visited Cliff and Andrea’s church in Maine this is the word their Pastor preached over me!

Many years ago God gave me a life mission. It was to “create a culture of worship”. My life is about inspiring others to turn to God and to lay their gifts and talents down before Him in worship.

It’s not about singing songs people! It’s about surrendering all we are to the One who made us in the first place.

So many things get in the way of that, though….Am I right?

This world makes it so easy to put God on the back burner…so easy to take our talents and use them for anything other than the Creator who created us.

In one of our conversations a few months ago God told me His artisans were having trouble finding time to give their gifts to Him amidst the hubbub of life. Time…busyness…distraction: These are all things I struggle with on a constant basis. If I allow it, they keep me from spending myself on the Savior.

I am convinced that there are artists of all different persuasions out there who just need an opportunity to come away from the world for a time to practice their artistry. Intentionality is hard; Sometimes we need God to come along and to help us set aside our lives for His purposes.

     Tomorrow our church is opening up its doors to provide artists with time and a space to work in their mediums. We are calling it Cornerstone’s Artist Community Day Apart.

Painters, sketch artists, actors, vocalists, instrumentalists, writers, and wood carvers have all set the day aside to create for Jesus!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

What is the biggest hindrance to your creativity?

6 thoughts on “Creative Creations

  1. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J

    And to think all this was created for His pleasure…. 🙂

    Looking forward to your notes!


  2. Pastor J, thank you. Just what I needed for tomorrow. I have a fear of messing up. The fear comes from being told early on that “Are you sure you want to play the trumpet, your the only girl. Girls can’t play as well as boys. Don’t you want to play the flute or clarinet? ” I was told every single time I had my trumpet lesson at school for 3 years. I am trying to take every thought captive. I have been praying that God will take my fear away so I can play unto Him and Him alone. I know my talent comes from God. Debby

    • Debby, Thanks for the comment! The opinions of others can become a real hindrance to our creativity. It’s hard to take back your power isn’t it? I had the same situation as you, only I was constantly asked ” Are you sure you want to play the flute? You’re the only boy!” It is a work to overcome and stand in your God given talent. But it’s a journey well worth the taking! See you tomorrow! 😉

  3. What a wonderful mission He has placed you in. Not easy . . .but I love it! I love His creativeness in what He gives each of us to do. And that there is nothing creative that can’t be done for Him, if we desire to.
    Hmm. . .the greatest hindrance? He has been very good to me, and gives me time to be with Him and to write. Then the internet makes it easy to share, without all the hindrances of “being published”.
    God bless you and your mission to create a culture of worship!

    • Thanks Debbie, It was a great day! His mission to me is a joy and a piece of peace! I did not get much time to write that day but being able to give others the time and space they needed was a very great blessing.

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