Sis Caddo’s Words

There are some people who can turn a phrase so that it comes out the realm of thought and enters the world of taste. Sometimes a line or a word properly placed can be so delicious it brings a sweetness to your palate and tears to your eyes.

“September Me Once More” is so beautiful and heartwrenching I just had to share it with you all. Thanks Sis Caddo!

C.cada Update July 2012

Warm Summer

We have certainly gotten a lot done this month artistically!

Last month I posted some of the work of Charlotte Dorais which will be show-cased in our annual art show coming up in October.

I got a jump on some  photography. “Warm Summer” is now framed and I am working on another called “Lost in the Windmill”. Added to the “Broken Branches” photos I should have a pretty good portfolio to put up by October.

This month Charlotte worked with some of our up- and- coming artists on VBS sets which we will also display as “art in ministry” pieces at the show.

Musically we are putting together a number of instrumental quartets and duets. Our vocalists are also doing some great work.  If anybody wants to come for the show it’s Oct. 20th.  Mark your calendars. We will be displaying the art work of:

Charlotte Dorais

JE Lillie

Wendy Brouillet

Lisa Johnson

Sandy Freeman and hopefully Jason Blanchard

Musically we will be listening to original compositions by Clayton Phelps

Jon Bauver and One Desire

Throughout the day music will be made by:

Cornerstone Choir:

Cornerstone worship team

Sandy Freeman, Debby Maciowrowski, JE Lillie, Jody Clapp

The Young Cornerstones

Lillian Lapoint

Poetry readings will be given by Garrick Brewer:

Does it sound like fun? Let me know if you would like to travel across the world to visit. We’ll make it a special trip!

C.cada Update Pt. 2

You may remember that some of our graphic artists are working on card projects. Sandy Freeman has been working on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day portraits. Here are her works in progress.

Mother’s Day Phase 1Mother’s Day Phase 2

Mother’s Day Phase 3- A softer baby baby face. Here’s the close up.

Father’s Day

As we work together as artists we are truly discovering that God has mighty use for the gifts he planted inside. We are learning to overcome the lie, the Enemy has spoken, that these gifts don’t matter. He may say they change nothing but we are determined to change the world!

C.cada Artists Gathering March

C.cada’s artists are busy about the work of the kingdom! Yesterday one of our new choreographers met with nine children from our kids church to rehearse a sacred dance. Later in the afternoon the space was used by a twenty voice choir to practice for an upcoming work in the nursing home. Space booking is getting a little tricky. I miss my sister who is a whiz at space control and time scheduling!

This month I wanted you to see some of the work we are doing in graphic design.

Here is a piece by one of our portrait artists, Lisa Johnson. It is a portrait of her grandmother who at the moment is preparing to walk into the arms of Jesus.

Lis a keeps telling me how she is desperately trying to break into other art forms. Yet she keeps getting drawn back to the faces of people.






I have just started working on a photo project called “Broken Branches”


Sandy Freeman another of our portrait artists has been working on our invitational card project. Below is a concept for a Mother’s Day invite.

What is God calling you to do with your artistry?

C.cada Museum Trip

C.cada , our church’s artist group, has been meeting monthly since last June. We have more than thirty artists across the various disciplines who have committed to come together to encourage, improve and train.


This month twenty-two of us took a field trip to the Worcester Art Museum for a guided tour.The weather was unseasonably warm. The sun was high in the sky when we arrived. So our artists didn’t mind standing out for a photo-op. Once inside though we were all business.






Our docent, Joe, explained that WAM has the largest display of ancient mosaics in America. This one comes from 6th century Antioch, the city where men and women first took the name “Christian”.





The museum also sports a fully reconstructed monastic chapter house from the 12th century. I could have just sat under the vaulted arches all day. Something about them is very soothing.

El Greco’s,  The Weeping Magdalene hangs in one of the center galleries. What I didn’t know was that my daughter was his model for the piece!After the tour and some private time milling through the various galleries we all finished off with a traditional Irish meal at O’Connor’s Pub in West Boylston.

Tell me about groups you belong to. What do you do for fun?

Christmas Joy Mondays Pt. 2

How have you seen God this Christmas?

Have you seen Him in the hustle and bustle of the city streets? He is there finding room in a world that declares “No room in the inn!”

Have you seen him in the quiet of the new fallen snow?

He is the God who calms the storm and brings the world to a hush with glory from His storehouses!



I have seen Him in the warmth of a Christmas hearth. He reminds me that He is the light of the world come to lighten my darkness. He fills my heart with joy at every turn!

Where have you seen God this Christmas season?


     That’s the sound of me flying in. No I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. I fell into Jesus. Let me ‘splain. “Falling Into Jesus” was the name of our art community’s autumn show. It went up yesterday and so I have been “arting” since Friday morning at 8 A.M. 

     It took our team most of twelve hours on Friday to defrock the fellowship hall, hang the show, and shop for the opening reception.      Yesterday, show day, my daughter and I were back at it by 9 A.M. I of course had to buy a new white shirt since mine was more of a greyish brown. Then we were back to the church for what my sister likes to call “dits and fratz”.

     By 2 P.M. we were having our artist devotion and 3-8 P.M. was the show. We had about 250 people out I think! It was a great day of art, music and literature!

                                             The work of Gramma Wendy

      The work of Charlotte Dorais

      I feel so guilty about missing yesterday’s post but man the last few days have been a class five cyclone. I am just taking a few minutes to write between services and then I am off to play piano for evening prayer.

     Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on schedule with the writing. I have so much to tell you!… Well time to go!…WOOSH

The C.C.A.C. Vision (There’s a Hurricane A’Comin!)


       Last Saturday we held our second monthly gathering of the Cornerstone Christian Artist’s Community. We had twenty artists in attendance throughout the day. As we awaited the arrival of Hurricane Irene, I had an opportunity to sow out the community vision.

     There is a hurricane coming on our nation. It’s a force that is going to reshape our culture: physically, emotionally, socially, and economically. In its wake Christians are called to respond in three steps: We are called to Pray; We are called to Plan; We are called to Perform.


          In this cultural hurricane we must come to understand we cannot save the whole world. That is a task beyond us. Praying things like: “God don’t let anything bad happen to anyone anywhere.” Or “Dear Jesus save the whole world.”, while noble are a waste of breath. Our prayers must be “eyes wide open and heart exposed” so to speak. We have to come to it that we are in the end times. Things will be difficult. Bad things will happen. People will be lost. That doesn’t leave us hopeless though. It leaves us with the need to be specific. We aren’t called to save the world. We are called to defend our part of it. So let us pray specifically: “God save my son.”; “God show me how to fund this art project or that music project.”; “God show us how to raise our church missionary budget.”; “God strengthen my pastor and the pastor’s of my town.”; “God show us how to minister effectively so souls will get saved.” In prayer we have to stop losing the trees because of the forest.


     As we begin to pray specifically God will give us His plans for the things we pray about. Inklings will begin to enter our minds…ideas of what we could do and how. We need to write down these God-given goals and plan how we intend to reach them step by step.


     Finally we have to do our part. When once God has given us the vision, we have to begin to carry it out trusting that God will meet us each step of the way.

Cornerstone Christian Artist’s Community,  is a vision born out of specific prayer. It has been seen that the hurricane will affect the arts in two ways: As the economy dries up so will public funding of the arts. As the spirit of Antichrist rises the tide of wickedness in the arts will rise with him.

    The church has the answer to these issues. C.C.A.C. is that answer:

1.Our goal will be to influence the arts in our region for Christ, through our artist’s days apart, by providing a place where artists can come and practice their disciplines in a healthy, peaceful environment based in a Kingdom culture.

2. Our goal will be to provide training, through our artist’s days apart, so that artists may grow and excel in their craft.

3. Our goal will be to provide an opportunity for artists to display their gifts in two yearly art shows and in church settings where appropriate.

4. Our goal will be to bring the artists to the attention of church ministries in order to raise up the next generation of church artists should Jesus tarry.

     Perhaps we cannot fix everything in the world but with God’s help we can rebuild our corner of it!

What has God told you to do in your corner of the world?

Artist’s Day Apart!

    Last Saturday our artist community was born!

    It was awesome!

   The time has come to breathe God back into the arts, to create a culture of worship to Him through them. 

      I believe that Christian artists need time and peace to create. So on Saturday we turned the church into an artist’s playground.

     Almost thirty artists from varying disciplines gathered to dedicate the day to God and His creation.   

     Rev. Brenda J. Lillie opened the day with a devotion regarding the artist’s need to draw creativity from the Creator rather than from the well-spring of flesh.

 In the morning our painters and sketch artists embraced the out doors under canopies. 

    Then hid from the afternoon heat while painting our monthly still life

     We opened our doors to wood carvers.

and instrumentalists.

Singers sang in choirs. Actors came to put together performance art. We had songwriters  and poets too!

     The goal of our artist’s day apart is three-fold:

1. To provide artists with a space in which they can practice their skills and seek God for inspiration.

2. To provide artists with an opportunity to create with outreach in mind. Our work and witness will be displayed for the community in an October art show entitled “Falling into Jesus”.

3. To raise up the next generation of artists within our community of faith.

     To that final end the main stage was given at day’s end to our youth worship team. Our youth worship leader has been charged with writing an original worship set.

I can’t wait to hear the finished product!