Fits and Starts

     Life is sort of like learning to drive a standard. If you can get  the transmission from neutral into first gear, momentum will make the next shifts easier.

     I remember my first week driving a stick. Tina and I were on our way to the grocery store. We made it just fine from home to City Hall Avenue. As we slid up to the bump between City Hall Ave and Pleasant Street (you couldn’t really call it a hill), I shifted into neutral and came to the stop. Then with a line of traffic behind me, I proceeded to stall out for the next five minutes.

     A knock on my window brought me out of my frantic litany: “Brake…clutch…key…shift…tac…release brake…stall…AUGHHH!!!”

     “Problem buddy?” the guy at my window said none too pleasantly.

     “Just learning to drive a standard.” I replied sheepishly.

    He rolled his eyes,” Why don’t you get out and let me help you?”

     I moved to the back. He slid into the driver’s seat and moved us around the corner.

     “Think you’ve got it from here, or should I drive you home?” He jabbed. 

     “Thanks! I think I’ve got it from here.”  Honestly, though, I wasn’t too sure about that.

     I had just been defeated by a three-inch square hunk of plastic and metal. It was just a stupid little pedal, but until I mastered it I realized, I wasn’t going anywhere. Until I figured it out my entire driving experience was going to be nothing more than fits and starts.

     I remember the day I finally felt the clutch. I can’t tell you exactly what made it click. It just did, and I started driving.

      Maybe you’ve got a “little pedal” hanging you up today. It’s probably causing you some big stress. It probably seems like a really big deal. But it’s really only a small thing to our God.

     Yep! Life is a lot like learning to drive a standard… lots of fits and starts. Hey! turn your little pedals over to Jesus and just keep practicing at them. They will click! Soon enough you will be driving off down the road smooth as sailing! 😉


10 thoughts on “Fits and Starts

  1. Ha!

    Thank you, Pastor J. :-). Wonderful analogy! I remember the standard-driving frustrations – which is why I drive automatic these days! 🙂 lol

    Those niggling things are like hangnails – so tiny, yet they can throw much off balance…. I gave Him the clutch handling responsibilities moons ago (I’ve taken it back countless times too but I’ve come to realize leaving it with Him is the best think I can do! )

    Here’s to proper balance in our lives.


  2. I love your posts and how you help us relate to God with our everyday life things. My first little car was a stick shift and my dad was brave and taught me through the fits and starts. I remember if there was a stoplight on a hill, I would kind of run it. ! So thankful for the reminder to give things to Jesus so our lives run smoother. God bless!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Debbie! I too had the stop light experience many times. I remember the days when I would plan my route to avoid downshifting 🙄 May Jesus give us the faith to remove the mountains from before our pathway!

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