A Little Light Please?

     The phone rang twice before she picked it up.

     “Hello?” She asked in that voice we use when trying to find out quickly if the person on the other end is a telemarketer we can afford to hang-up on.

     I explained to my parishioner that I felt led of the Lord to call and find out if there was something our prayer team could pray for her.

     The lady’s voice brightened “Honey, Pastor J is calling because God impressed him to call and see if we needed prayer.” She called to her husband over her shoulder.

     Turned out the day before my call the couple’s new car had been smashed by a lady who had a big seizure and a little insurance. The car had been towed and an investigation had begun. At the moment of  my call it was unclear when they would get their car back or if it would be paid for.

      We live in a world full of darkness and shadow. But we serve a God who is light. Not even the world’s deepest blackness can stifle His brightness. The thing is so many never leave the darkness and come into the light simply because they will never ask.

     I did something to my hand the other day. I couldn’t turn it or make a fist without intense pain. I let it linger for a whole day popping Tylenol like they were m&m’s. I never once thought to pray for it.

     I was just getting ready to offer the closing prayer for our intercessory team when God asked me “What about your hand? Have Bill anoint you with oil.”

     A little chagrined I obeyed. Bill anointed me and a few hours later I was rolling  and clenching my hand pain-free.

     Here’s the thing, there are times I voluntarily let the darkness hang around my life for entirely foolish reasons (like I’d rather watch T.V. than pray or I feel like there are bigger needs than mine to pray about). I don’t think I am alone.

     This is an issue we must deal with and quickly as we move into our world’s winter. If we are to see the light we are going to have to learn to pray about every little thing that concerns us. The more prayer the more light. I don’t know about you but I’d rather have floodlights than pen lights.

     We prayed for a man whose hours and income had been cut in half. A week later he was working seven days a week and twelve hours a day.

     We prayed for a man who had contracted cancer. God used the disease to heal a host of family relationships.

   How much light do you want?  How much will you change and pray?

10 thoughts on “A Little Light Please?

  1. I to often go about my life without prayer and wonder why things are so hard. When I stop to listen, God says talk to me.
    This is a great reminder.
    Thanks Pastor J.
    I’m going to pray right now.

  2. I really needed this reminder, thank you! So often we are so consumed with Sam and all of the health issues that surround him, that I focus my prayer on only that, when God wants to work in all aspects of our lives. Thanks again

  3. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that my answer to this question changes on the day. What is the antidote to spiritual see-sawing?–I’m constantly searching. Always it seems that the day after I have a mountain-top experience where I know the Lord used me, I have a valley day (or three) where I don’t want to be involved in ministry, don’t want to pray anymore, and feel useless. It’s even worse on the days when I start feeling “firey” in my spirit and am exhausted and ready to hide out on my couch for the rest of my life by the afternoon. Thank the Lord for His mercy!

  4. You really are standing in for just about everyone of us Chrystal. Thank you for speaking up and putting words to what we all feel.

    You asked what is the antitdote for spiritual see-sawing. I wish it was an elixir we could drink but it’s not that easy. The antidote is to “walk by faith and not by sight.”

    Watchman Nee said it this way “Faith follows fact (Scripture) and feelings follow faith.” So the antidote is to put our feelings away and by faith do what Scripture says and eventually our feelings will get in line.
    Walking by faith works but it is also painful to the flesh. I wish I could say I have mastered it but I just don’t like to suffer in the flesh. Still learnin’. Thanks for the comment!

  5. You are not alone…(in not praying when you think you should) It’s not always ‘convenient’ , I say rather shamefacedly. Thank God for His mercies!

    Thank you for sharing this. The last few days have been filled with gentle and subtle reminders of what God expects from me. I will not ignore them!!!


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