Joy In the Journey

Life’s a journey we have to take.

A pathway we have no choice but to walk.

 No one asked us if we wanted to be born.

No one consulted us on the entrance point into life.

No one checked with us first to see what twists and turns we wanted the river of our lives to take.

But here we are plunged in deep not even knowing how to swim.

Yet somehow we learn.

In the quiet waters we learn to tread.

We learn to walk on the things God provides to hold us up.

Then, when the waters rage and it seems nothing remains to support, we discover that deep within is a power bigger than any lily pad floating on the quiet surface of a pond.

Choice lies deep within,

not a choice to avoid the rapids,  but a choice to decide how we will face them, rejoicing or reviling.

At some point it must come to us that life is all about choices. Will we look to the light or will we bury ourselves in ourselves protecting our meager egos behind the false bulwarks of bitterness.

The world has a beauty. There is a joy in the journey that will never be found in our circumstances. Our hope is found in Him who put the choice in us to see all things work for good.

That’s the beauty of life. We may not control the river but we choose how we ride upon it. The heart we sail with is ours alone to govern.

Come out of your hiding place and embrace the world. Take up your joy and play this life. Take this journey “further in and deeper back!”            JE