The Jack-O’Lantern Of Praise

     Have you ever wondered about some of the traditions we practice during our holidays? What is a Christmas tree anyway? How about the yule log? Who decided turkey was the Thanksgiving meal of choice? How ’bout them pumpkins? Who got the idea to carve a creeper in orange?

     While the traditions are a bit mixed about the Jack O’lantern and some stories simply tie back to fanciful tales about a stingy guy named Jack, others spring from a bit more sinister root.

       For thousands of years before Christianity enveloped  Britain this season we are now in was regarded among the most holy of all times of the year. For during this period the veil between life and death was thought to grow ever so thin.It was believed that by midnight on the last day of October the veil would be so slight that the dead could walk amongst the living unhindered.

     The Jack O’Lantern was thought by many to be a talisman to ward off any evil spirits that might infringe upon the happy environs of an unwitting family.

      Sadly we know the truth. Satan is not afraid of a pumpkin, a beet , or even a turnip. While they all might turn some of us off, they do nothing for him….But I know something he is afraid of.

     “From the lips of infants and children Thou has ordained praise to silence the foe and the avenger!”  Psalm 8:2 KJV

    Satan may be a powerful angel capable of great even miraculous feats. But he can be silenced when little children honestly praise the Lord.

     Praise is simply, honestly thanking God for who He is. In sickness He is our healer, in need he is our provider, in battle he is our defender and banner, in sorrow he is our comfort, in tribulation he is our peace, in desperation he is our salvation,  in darkness he is our lighted way, in confusion he is our truth, and in the face of death he is our eternal life!

     Praise does not rely on our circumstance.  It comes not because of what God does but because of our recognition of who He is and what He will do.

      I tell you we cannot wait until the enemy is defeated to light the Jack O’Lantern of praise. Most times it must be lit first to defeat and chase away the enemy. You are going to have to praise God even while the enemy advances.

     Too often we are waiting for God to answer a prayer and then we will praise Him. That’s backwards. Praise is what brings the answer. We think of praise as a response to answered prayer when it is really a proactive action that brings the presence of God to answer our requests.

   In the future we will see the power of Satan increase on the face of the Earth. Praise is our talisman. Worship is our shield against his power…even his greatest power.

     When you see the power of evil afoot. Light the Jack O’Lantern of praise. Sing and speak your praise unto the Lord!