Pastor Wrinkle’s Corner- What Happens When Sons Take Over

Let’s review:





When last we met Abraham was waiting for the birth of the son promised him by God.

In the decades that Abraham and Sarah wait. They make some mistakes.

_______________ is born to Abraham and Hagar Sarah’s maid.

Finally in Ge. 21 ______________ is born to Abraham and Sarah.

When Isaac is grown he marries his second cousin _____________.

Isaac and Rebekah have twins Esau and _____________.

Jacob means _______________ and he lives up to his name.

1. The birthright

2. The blessing

He is forced to flee from his _____________ to his ___________ Laban’s house.

He ends up marrying his _______________ Leah and _____________. Because his Uncle ____________ him into marrying both.

Rachel is ____________

Leah is _____________.

The women have a baby contest. ____________ children are born. __________, ________________, _____________, _____________, ______________, ______________, ______________, _______________, _____________, _____________, ______________, ____________.

Jacob favors his  youngest _____________ and ____________.

Joseph’s brothers are jealous and ___________ Joseph into slavery behind their father’s back.

Joseph in slavery and then in prison ends up as a ____________ of Egypt.

God uses Joseph to save the rest of his family during a _____________.

Now in your groups answer these questions:

1. What faults do you see in abraham’s family tree? Do you think they are good people or bad people? If they lived in your town how do you think other people would see them?

2. Read Ge.15 and Ge. 28: 10-15 Do you think Abraham or Jacob did anything special to deserve God’s promises? Why do you think God made them these promises?

3. Read Ge. 29:14-30:22 How do you feel about Jacob? About Leah? About Rachel? Would you like to be in any of these people’s shoes? Why or why not?

Question of The Week: In Ge. 50: 19 Joseph says this about his brother’s selling him into slavery: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” What does this say to you about how God works in our lives?