The Netherlands Pt. 10: Zaanse Schans

Willem and Mirjam Jackson, Son Ian with Brenda

After church on Sunday Brenda’s friends Willem and Mirjam took us to Zaanse Schans. This is the Dutch equivalent of Plymouth Plantation, or Old Sturbridge Village. The houses are about the same time period but people actually still live in them! I am not sure I would pay top dollar to live in a neighborhood that attracts thousands of tourists a yearn unless of course I was operating a shop nearby that benefitted from thousands of said tourists! 🙂

A little windmill, Zaanse Schans

Apartments in the Zaanse Schans neighborhood

Brenda and the Windmill

The Lowlands

This would make a great VanGough painting

Apartments on the islands

I hope you have enjoyed my tour of the Netherlands. This is the last in this series. But if you would like to see more of my pictures you can follow me on Facebook!

12 thoughts on “The Netherlands Pt. 10: Zaanse Schans

  1. What a trip, loved seeing the Netherlands through your photos. Brenda looks so happy. Praise God for all the work He is doing through her! Thanks again, Pastor J for sharing your trip with us.

  2. I loved getting to see the Netherlands through your photos, Pastor J! Thank you so much for taking us there too! God bless you and your Sis Brenda!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J
    Between you and Marilou at I’mExcited, I do believe I’ve been bit by the travel bug! 🙂
    Beautiful pics. I want to be in that last photo. I could just get lost and write a hundred books right there! 🙂 🙂

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