Greasy Grace

I made a comment in one of my blogs last week that raised a question from one of my readers.

“What is greasy grace?”

What a great question!

Here’s my answer: Greasy grace does not refer at all to the quality of the grace we receive from God. God’s grace lavished on us is the highest form of love and favor in the universe! It cost Him everything and He extends it to all of us free of charge and without a single notion of guilting or controlling us with it.

“Greasy grace” refers to how we as humans view this priceless gift given to us with such love and care. When I truly understand grace I stand amazed at a God who has given so much to one who deserves so little. This grace not only saves me and grants me eternal life, if I receive it rightly it changes me into something more than the fool I once was.

But when I treat this uncommon grace as common…little…mundane…when I accept this gift like it’s another pair of Fruit of the Loom in my Christmas stocking rather than the precious rare commodity it is, then I am not changed. Grace becomes only a tool, a magic trick to get around my misbehavior. It becomes the “grease” by which I think I can slip by God’s righteousness into Heaven.

When people treat grace as greasy they take on mindsets and say things like:

“I’m not perfect. Just forgiven.” Instead of “I am sorry for my sin. Please forgive me.”


“That’s just the way I am. God accepts me so you have to.”¬†Instead of “Please be patient with me God is still working on me.”

To my shame I have been guilty of greasy grace before have you?