Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 109

Today with our chapter charting exercise we leave the book of Joshua and move onto a very dark time in Israel’s history when “every man did what was right in HIS OWN EYES.”  How many times I have stumbled because I went my way thinking it was better than God’s way!

Here is what I see in today’s chapters:

Joshua chapter 24 sermon topics/titles:

1. Presenting Yourself Before God: Joshua 24: 1

2. When Prophecy Is A Memory: Joshua 24: 2- 13

3. Now Fear This! Joshua 24: 14

Judges Chapter 1 sermon topics/ titles:

1. God’s Payback: Judges 1: 1-7

2. Ask For the Springs: Judges 1: 11-15

3. The Promise Of God Involves Giants: Judges 1: 20

Now you come up with three sermon topics or titles you see in these chapters! 🙂