Raising The Temperature Pt. 1

It has been one hot summer around our nation. Have you noticed? I was watching the news one day two weeks ago and Minnesota was experiencing record heat. On that day parts of the state were slated to experience temperatures of 124 degrees! Myself I think it’s global climate change. I think it’s a sign of the soon return of Jesus. How about you?   

    I notice these weather changes with great interest. But I do not get too excited or fearful about them. I’m not as concerned with the physical temperature of Minnesota as I am concerned with the spiritual temperature of the church. The time has come brothers and sisters to raise the temperature of the Body of Christ. The time has come to make all lukewarmness go and to bring back the fervent fire of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost. We can do it you know! We must do it to! And this our work.

    Some of us are waiting for revival as though it’s somehow only up to Jesus. But revival is a choice that the church has to make. Walking away from lukewarmness is a choice the church makes. Oh make no mistake we need Jesus’ full power to  accomplish it. But we must make the choice first and then continually if the revival is to come and lukewarmness is to go. The time has come to raise the temperature.

What choices do you think the church must make to raise the spiritual temperature of our nation?

6 thoughts on “Raising The Temperature Pt. 1

  1. I think the church needs to stop with the PR and preach the Word. It seems that the church is trying to win a popularity contest with the world. We need to remember we, the church, are in this world but separate from it.

  2. I love this post and your passion, Pastor J, and Patricia’s comment. 🙂
    I’m going to say that the church ( ME!) needs to return to prayer more.
    God bless you as you do your part to warm things up!

    • Thanks Debbie, I believe God is going to bless anyone who stands in the way of revival and flees lukewarmness. Prayer is one of the keys to this victory and God is daily drawing His people deeper and deeper into it!

  3. I read part two, before reading part one, on this topic. It appears that Debbie and I agree on how to raise the spiritual temperature of the body of Christ! I left a more detailed comment, on part two of “Raising the Temperature”.

    God bless.


    • It seems that God is speaking to us all about drawing into the prayer closet, privately and corporately Paulette! I wonder what it is going to take for the church to come to its knees.

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