Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 9

When I began doing the chapter charts exercise back in 1987, I didn’t realize it would be a method that followed me over the course of 20 + years of ministry.

    The thought behind the charts is to spend time brainstorming. It expands your mind to look at Scripture in new ways. Let me encourage you to give it a try. Not all your ideas have to be keepers they are just ideas…and some ideas take you places you never even dreamed!

The exercise: break down the chapters in question and find at least three sermon topics or titles per chapter.

Genesis chapter 17 sermon topic/titles:

1. If You Reach 100! Ge. 17:1-9

2. The Marks In the Flesh Ge. 17: 9-14

3.When God Changes your Name Ge. 17:15

Genesis chapter 18 sermon topics/titles

1. Inviting God To Dinner Ge. 18:1-8

2. Is Anything Too Hard For God? Ge. 18:14

3. Are We More Merciful Than God Ge. 18:17-33

Now You Try!