Sis Caddo’s Words

There are some people who can turn a phrase so that it comes out the realm of thought and enters the world of taste. Sometimes a line or a word properly placed can be so delicious it brings a sweetness to your palate and tears to your eyes.

“September Me Once More” is so beautiful and heartwrenching I just had to share it with you all. Thanks Sis Caddo!

Joseph Elon Lillie VI

My son has been writing poetry for a while and I really like some of his work. I asked him if he would let me use some of his material. Here is a recent poem of his.

A Poem on Optimism (in progress)

by Joe Lillie on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 8:26pm

 I see her standing there

I see a barren and lifeless tree 

Her locks fallen to the ground, still I do not frown

I see her as she used to be, and once again will be

A life producing tree

I see a cup unfilled a few drops may remain

But that amount of water will not quench thirst

I see the cup as she is, with the water she will contain

The water she shall hold will sustain

When I see myself as a man tired and without strength

I realize I have not lost my hope

With Christ I can do all things

Even with gravest fears, and loss I can cope


Remember optimism is not seeing a glass half filled to the brim as being half full, rather it is seeing the empty glass as being filled with potential.


Joseph Elon Lillie VI