Like Men Of Issachar

As I begin I want to thank everyone who stopped in and read “The Twelve Ways of Fall” this weekend. I was greatly humbled that so many would take time to check out something I had penned!

     I truly consider this world an amazing place. The  longer I walk upon the mortal sod the more I come to be surprised by the way things turn out. That a man like me would walk in the blessings I do is beyond comprehension!

    You see, I know that the universe is governed by a tapestry of intricately woven laws administrated and held together by the word of Christ’s power according to  Colossians 1:17. Those laws bend and twist around one another sometimes superseding then submitting as men live their lives before the eye of God.

    So the law of gravity at once holds us to the earth superseding all other powers and then recedes as men and women board planes to put themselves under the influence of the law of lift. Likewise the law of sin and death governs the fate of all men binding them over to increase of wickedness. Yet even this law, stronger than gravity, must submit when a man surrenders his life to Jesus and is placed under the control of the law of the spirit of life (see Romans 8).

     In this great tapestry we call life there is a powerful thread called the law of sowing and reaping. It winds its way all through the history of mortality and shows itself both dominant and unbending in the web that makes up the picture of mankind since the fall. It is this law that makes me marvel whenever I experience the prospering hand of God. For I know that what I have sown does not match that which I reap. It is grace, the power of God in me to do that which I cannot do myself, that brings such a great prosperity along with salvation. So I am humbled and amazed when such a blessing as this weekend comes along because I know I cannot take the credit.

     Now this thing called grace is a living and active power, throughout this age of Earth, in the lives of every Christian. It is this power that brings us into blessing when the curse of sin and death plies its trade upon our lives.

     Every change in life is an opportunity  to experience grace in a new form if only we are like “the men of Issachar who understood their times” (I Chon 12:32).

     The changes which are taking place in our world, are indeed unsettling many in the Christian community.  Misunderstanding our times is causing us to block the power of grace. As with all things the key to understanding can be found in the Word.

     Through this next series of blogs we will be turning to the Word , to discover a time in biblical history that was very much like ours, the time of the prophets. In so doing we will begin to understand our own time and release the power of grace to bring blessing even in the midst of great  judgment.