C.cada Update April

I love this “Hand in Hand” piece by Sandy Freeman. I am not sure if that is what it is called. But it fits don’t you think? Here’s another piece that was finished for this month’s C.cada community meeting. It’s by Lisa Johnson. What would you entitle it?

I am so excited that each month new work is being brought forth. We are now discussing what is the best way to show our work. Who knows maybe we’ll start the C.cada museum and center for Christ Centered arts!

Here is the piece our C.cada choir worked on this month. They sounded awesome! I however massacred the accompaniment. ūüė¶ Looks like it’s time to get back to practicing!

C.cada Artists Gathering March

C.cada’s artists are busy about the work of the kingdom! Yesterday one of our new choreographers met with nine¬†children from our kids church¬†to rehearse a sacred dance. Later in the afternoon the space was used by a twenty voice choir to practice for an upcoming work in the nursing home. Space booking is getting a little tricky. I miss my sister who¬†is a whiz at space control and time scheduling!

This month I wanted you to see some of the work we are doing in graphic design.

Here is a piece by one of our portrait artists, Lisa Johnson. It is a portrait of her grandmother who at the moment is preparing to walk into the arms of Jesus.

Lis a keeps telling me how she is desperately trying to break into other art forms. Yet she keeps getting drawn back to the faces of people.






I have just started working on a photo project called “Broken Branches”


Sandy Freeman another of our portrait artists has been working on our invitational card project. Below is a concept for a Mother’s Day invite.

What is God calling you to do with your artistry?

C.cada: New Artist

Here is one the new artists involved in C.cada.¬† Evan Foisy has just recently become part of our church and on his birthday no less blessed us with his testimony about God’s amazing grace!¬† I hope this blesses you!


Oh and just so’s you know, If any of you happen to be traveling through Northern Massachusetts during the time of one of our meetings and you want to come and play with our artists you have an open invite! Just give me a heads up and we’ll have lunch together!