C.cada Update Sept 2012

We all want to leave a mark on this world. Some of us want to leave a mark that tells the world “I was here with Jesus.”

We are ready for our annual art show next month. Here are the pictures I am offering up:

I will be showing more of the group’s artwork over the next few weeks.

In other news, we are ready to put out our first C.cada calendar for 2013. Proceeds will be going to benefit kids from the church who are preparing for the annual Fine Arts Festival. http://faf.ag.org/.  All art is orignal work done by our C.cada artists team. If you would like to order one contact me here via comment.

Notes From the Netherlands

While I am busy with C.cada here in the States my sister is helping Missionary Judy Mensch launch a Christian theater program in the Netherlands. Over Easter weekend their troupe performed its first show at Ichtus Church in Zaandam! Here are some pictures from the performance.

If you are interested in learning more about C.cada or the artists community my sister is helping to create in The Netherlands you can follow us on Facebook at


or follow Brenda at http://www.gonetherlandsag.com/

C.cada Update Pt. 3

Praise God! This artist’s community is such a blessing to me! Watching God move in the lives of this group is so exciting! Our people are stepping forward into His ministry with their ability, daring big things for their King!

I would like you to meet one of Cornerstone’s and C.cada’a newest worship teams, One Desire.

Follow One Desire at:


C.cada Update Pt. 2

You may remember that some of our graphic artists are working on card projects. Sandy Freeman has been working on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day portraits. Here are her works in progress.

Mother’s Day Phase 1Mother’s Day Phase 2

Mother’s Day Phase 3- A softer baby baby face. Here’s the close up.

Father’s Day

As we work together as artists we are truly discovering that God has mighty use for the gifts he planted inside. We are learning to overcome the lie, the Enemy has spoken, that these gifts don’t matter. He may say they change nothing but we are determined to change the world!