C.cada Art Show

C.cada (Cornerstone Christian artist’s day apart) was begun in an effort to give artists from every genre an opportunity to come together to discover, develop, and deploy their talents in ways that will better the church and the community.

This is our church’s artistic community and on Saturday Oct. 20th we  pooled our resources to put on our second annual art show.

Work by Wendy Brouillet

Various works by Charlotte Dorais

Our prayer shawl ministry set up a display. They have sent out almost 400 shawls to the sick across the globe this year!

Lion by Sandy Freeman

This year our goal is to break out into the community. God has told us to “Build the audience”. So we are taking the message of Jesus into the highways and hedges through the artistic media! Let’s see what fun we can have this year shall we?

Here’s a promo for one of our worship bands…If you would like these guys to come minister for your event contact them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/1OneDesire?fref=ts

Various works by Kenneth Knowlton

various works by Lisa Johnson

Our artists have put together a calendar for 2013. They make great Christmas gifts!

If you would like to purchase a calendar you can do so on-line by going to http://www.cornerstoneag.net Go to the “Giving” section of the site and click on “E-giving”. Select “Guest Transaction”.  Then in the “other” section list “C.cada calendars” and fill out the amount. Calendars are a donation of $15.00 and $5.00 for shipping.  Then leave me a comment or a facebook message to let me know that you have bought one so I can send it right out to you!

C.cada will be running a free beginners keyboarding class open to the local community starting after the holidays. For more information e-mail me at pjlillie.1@juno.com

If you want more information on C.cada or you would like to join us for one of our days apart you can contact me at pjlillie.1@juno.com

C.cada Update Sept 2012

We all want to leave a mark on this world. Some of us want to leave a mark that tells the world “I was here with Jesus.”

We are ready for our annual art show next month. Here are the pictures I am offering up:

I will be showing more of the group’s artwork over the next few weeks.

In other news, we are ready to put out our first C.cada calendar for 2013. Proceeds will be going to benefit kids from the church who are preparing for the annual Fine Arts Festival. http://faf.ag.org/.  All art is orignal work done by our C.cada artists team. If you would like to order one contact me here via comment.

Quote Pt. 7

You don’t have to be alone in your hurt! Comfort is yours. Joy is an option. And it’s all been made possible by your Saviour. He went without comfort so you might have it. He postponed joy so you might share in it. He willingly chose isolation so you might never be alone in your hurt and sorrow.  Joni Earekson Tada

Broken but Not Alone by JE Lillie

C.cada Update August 2012

I was looking back at some of our community posts from a year ago. So much changes in a year! Our name has changed from C.C.A.C. (Cornerstone Christian Artists Community) To C.cada (Cornerstone Christian Artist’s Day Apart) and we have streamlined our vision from: Pray, plan and perform to Encourage, equip and activate.

Through every change God has been faithful to move us as a community forward into what He has for us in ministry. The goal is to use art to build the kingdom.

In our morning discussion this month the question was asked, “What is creativity?”

Here are some of the definitions we came up with.

Using common things to produce uncommon results.- Mike Murphy

What happens when the mundane becomes unacceptable -Don Haas

I love these! So much in life rises to stymie our creativity. But one of the greatest hindrances to the Christian creative flow is focusing on results before obedience. When we focus more on the result than on our obedience to the inspiration of God we usually end up bottle-necked by fear or lost in selfish pride. But if we can somehow suspend  our worry about the endgame and turn our eyes to obey the heavenly vision then we will end up in artistic victory!

Here are some artistic victories from this month.

SKY VBS- You may remember many of our artists helped construct the VBS set and worked with the 170 plus children who showed up for the week of day camps. We saw forty children give their hearts to Jesus this year.

C.cada worship board- This month’s art board,”Portrait of a Family” was created by Sandy Freeman






Worship leading opportunities- I was invited to lead worship at the local visiting nurses day program and my daughter Amanda and I were privileged to minister in music for a week at the Connecticut Special Touch Getaway.

National Fine Arts- One of our very own Lillian Lapoint was invited to sing at the Assembly of God National Fine Arts Festival in Kentucky! Congrats Lillian! 







I can hardly believe all that God is including us in! We are truly blessed!

How has God included you in His blessing this month?


C.cada Update July 2012

Warm Summer

We have certainly gotten a lot done this month artistically!

Last month I posted some of the work of Charlotte Dorais which will be show-cased in our annual art show coming up in October.

I got a jump on some  photography. “Warm Summer” is now framed and I am working on another called “Lost in the Windmill”. Added to the “Broken Branches” photos I should have a pretty good portfolio to put up by October.

This month Charlotte worked with some of our up- and- coming artists on VBS sets which we will also display as “art in ministry” pieces at the show.

Musically we are putting together a number of instrumental quartets and duets. Our vocalists are also doing some great work.  If anybody wants to come for the show it’s Oct. 20th.  Mark your calendars. We will be displaying the art work of:

Charlotte Dorais

JE Lillie

Wendy Brouillet

Lisa Johnson

Sandy Freeman and hopefully Jason Blanchard

Musically we will be listening to original compositions by Clayton Phelps

Jon Bauver and One Desire

Throughout the day music will be made by:

Cornerstone Choir:

Cornerstone worship team

Sandy Freeman, Debby Maciowrowski, JE Lillie, Jody Clapp

The Young Cornerstones

Lillian Lapoint

Poetry readings will be given by Garrick Brewer:

Does it sound like fun? Let me know if you would like to travel across the world to visit. We’ll make it a special trip!

C.cada Update June

Your most profound and intimate experiences of worship will likely be in your darkest days – when your heart is broken, when you feel abandoned, when your out of options, when the pain is great – and you turn to God alone.- Rick Warren
From the album “Broken Branches” JE Lillie

C.cada is our church artist community. We meet once a month to pursue our art and encourage one another in the work for Christ. Here are some of the things we have finished this month.

The Three Sisters- From the album Broken Branches- JE Lillie

All of our artists do double duty, making money at things other than their art work. Charlotte Dorais (pronounced Doray) is our church administrator. This is a picture of her private studio. In the background you can see a mural she has done for our upcoming VBS, “Sky”.

Here are more of Charlotte’s original works.

Stolen Mountains By Charlotte Dorais

Port Porpoise ME by Charlotte Dorais

Nova Scotia Harvest by Charlotte Dorais

Nova Scotia Sheaves by Charlotte Dorais

If any of this inspired you rise up and pursue your art! God put the passion inside of you to be used. Take the time to bring Him glory!

C.cada Update April

I love this “Hand in Hand” piece by Sandy Freeman. I am not sure if that is what it is called. But it fits don’t you think? Here’s another piece that was finished for this month’s C.cada community meeting. It’s by Lisa Johnson. What would you entitle it?

I am so excited that each month new work is being brought forth. We are now discussing what is the best way to show our work. Who knows maybe we’ll start the C.cada museum and center for Christ Centered arts!

Here is the piece our C.cada choir worked on this month. They sounded awesome! I however massacred the accompaniment. 😦 Looks like it’s time to get back to practicing!