A 21 Day Spiritual Journey Day 20

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ― C.S. Lewis

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
― C.S. Lewis

I am realizing this, my first spiritual journey of 2013, has been about restoring dreams to my life. It’s odd that God should be rebuilding my dreams in these times of gathering gloom; But then again maybe that’s not so odd. If God’s people cannot dream into the days ahead who can? Further, while this old world order may be passing away, we are about to enter into our time…the reign of Jesus. Perhaps now is the time for us to fill our virgin lamps with the oil of Spirit-inspired dreams (MA 25)!

Here are things I am dreaming and praying about:

1. For my son, Joe, to be excepted into the Masters program he has applied to and to received an assistantship.

2. For my daughter, Melanie, to be led to the right Masters program and for her to obtain a job as children’s pastor or as a school teacher.

3. For my daughter, Amanda, to see her dream clarified by the Spirit and for her to be given the fortitude to stand in the dream no matter what comes.

4. For God to lead me in the best path through a complicated issue in my life.

5. For my mother’s salvation.

6. For the supernatural healing of my eyes.

7. For financial provision and increase to help provide for my children’s college expenses, for a new car and for finances to keep the old car running until the increase.

8. For supernatural direction in my travels and opportunities to preach when I travel.

9. For” RTW” to receive 500,000 hits this year (I have been afraid to even state this dream as it seems so far out there but sometimes that is faith)

9a. For direction in joining a certain life-changing blog contest.

10. To publish the book and sell 125,000 copies (again…wicked out there to use the New England vernacular).

11. For direction to get to the next level in our compassion ministries at Cornerstone church.

12. For a team of 30 healing prayer ministers 15 of whom are equipped to lead healing prayer sessions.

13. For God’s 2013 vision for our worship teams (I have said to our congregation it is raining guitar players and song writers). God never provides things we have no use for. So I am asking God to reveal what our next step is as a worship ministry.

14. For God to give me His 2013 vision for C.cada artists community. How does he want us to impact the artistic community for Jesus? How does He want me to promote our Christian artists and help them to attain the next level?

15. To lose 40 lbs.

16. To restore my family home and property to tip-top shape.

It is a little daunting to write these visions down for everyone to see because it makes them real. It means my success or failure can now be measured; But I have realized for about a week now that telling you all my dreams was one of my steps of faith.

What dream is God building inside of you? What dreams would you like to see restored?

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17 thoughts on “A 21 Day Spiritual Journey Day 20

  1. You know, I’ve been reading these posts about dreams–and I started with the response, “I don’t have any dreams”. It wasn’t a “whine”–it’s a factual expression of my contentment. And now today, you ask “what dreams would you like to see restored?” Well, that changes the complexion of things a bit–as I have at least one or two “dead” dreams. So I’ll have to ponder this some more… God bless you and the fam–love, sis Caddo

    • I am really facing some of my dead dreams too Sis. Some of them have not come back to life yet and I am wondering if it is because they’d come back more like Frankenstein than Jesus. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your dreams and prayers with us, so we can pray with you too! It is kind of scary to dream like this . ..but I’m so glad you are! You help us and inspire us to as well! God bless you and yours and all your dreams!

  3. Like you, Pastor J I too have many dreams I am circling in prayer. Number one on my list is my son’s healing from seizures and my family’s salvation. Praying along side of you that your dreams will be met. Our God is so big that He will deliver our dreams even bigger and better than we can imagine. God is on the move, praise God! Many blessings to you, Pastor J!

  4. awesome dreams pastor jay and I would read any book you write. I cant wait to see what god has in store for you. amen pastor

  5. Good post Pastor J. I like your dreams. 🙂 I am not much of a dreamer but I do have a few things I have been thinking about, working towards and circling in prayer. (I guess I thought of them more like goals than dreams)

    I, too. want to lose weight. I have already lost 22lbs since last April but hope to lose another 40.

    I am praying about taking a full time job in the school system next year if God opens the doors.

    I am praying for both of my children to encounter the Living God and to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    This one is hard for me to write because I am scared of it. But I feel God speaking to me about being willing to speak/teach. (I feel this is a resurrected dream that was given to me in mexico in 2003?)

    This is my only real dream I have with a promise from God’s Word. I believe God wants to completely re-root my entire family tree-to go from being a CURSED family to a BLESSED family. This includes salvations/deliverance/healings for each and every member.

    • These are good dreams Angela! I will be praying for these things to come to pass for you. By the way thanks for the testimony. I have received so many positive comments on it!

  6. A number of years ago I could have listed many, many dreams and today I wonder at the goodness of God in that they were not only reached, but reached way, way, way beyond my wildest dreams. I sit in amazement when I consider what He achieved.

    Now, do I have any dreams? Not like those earlier ones. Maybe small ones considering the remaining time for hubby and self to enjoy and to still be useful.

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