Travel Theme: Walls

I am trying to do a little more with my photography. Cee has given me some awesome ideas here:


12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Walls

  1. Great pics – as always.

    Maybe if we’d had a wall like the first one along our river bank . . . but looking at the destruction, I doubt it would have held.
    3000 houses were submerged and the scenes as the army moves in are horrific and heart-wrenching. It will be weeks and in some areas months before people are allowed back in to see what happened to their homes and everything they possessed.

      • Yes, we are safe and dry with no damage, and the minor inconveniences we have (blocked roads, more travel to non-affected stores, low stocks, slow internet etc) are nothing compared with the thousands who have lost everything except the clothes they were wearing, and thousands more who have lost their homes, cars etc.
        Devastating – and friends who live over North Bundy still don’t know what to expect when they are allowed to return.

      • I am saddened for your corner of the world Angela. Our worship team prayed for Queensland last night and our prayer team has been praying for God to send help over the last several days. I am glad you and yours are safe.

      • Thanks J. The situation in North Bundy is shocking – no power, no sewerage, no water. The sewerage and water lines are all broken. The roads are non-existent in some places, with one sinkhole 2m deep and 100m long. 12 houses were demolished and many are leaning at precarious angles. It is too dangerous to allow access to the public, but those who lived there will be allowed a brief visit today to see their homes. Most have no idea of the damage to their own houses and it will be very traumatic, especially for the elderly.

      • This has been acknowledged as the biggest ‘natural’ disaster in Australia’s history, even though only two lives were lost here in Bundy. About 50 homes will be demolished and more than 100 are gutted. That is, the inside walls and ceilings have been stripped out because of the water/mud/sewage. All contents were lost. The entire contents of one large supermarket were destroyed and most contents of two others. Many businesses lost all stock.

        3000 people are still unable to return to their homes. They are now allowed to visit daylight hours to try to clean up (the army and the ‘mud army’ of volunteers are helping) but curfew is 6.00pm.
        Road workers, electric supply workers, council workers etc work all night trying to restore the infrastructure.

        PS I love the new avatar

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