Share Your World With Cee Cee 2013 Week 4

This week Cee asks:

Almost everyone has heard of a bucket list which is a list of things you want to do before you die.  List 4 things off your bucket list that you would like to share with us.  Assume that money is no object.  Have a lot of fun with it.  Would you like to fly to the moon, dive to the bottom of the ocean, live a month in India or learn how to tap dance?  What is on your list?

Oooode lawly (sound it out)…this is a good one!

Here are my four things: on beachI want to be this guy! I would love to ride a horse in the warm surf on a tropical island. It seems like this would make for some great thinking time. First, though, I guess I should learn how to ride a horse. I imagine adding waves and shifting sand to horseback riding doesn’t make the task easier…hmmm.

2. I would like to take a month and seal myself away hereOld Cabin in the woods, Los Arrayanes National Park, Peninsula de Quetrihue, Neuquen, Argentina, South Americaor herecabin-on-the-lake-2or hereMt Cabinto write a novel. Just me plenty of food and drink and a type writer. Sounds heavenly!

3. Before I go on to glory I hope to visit each of my children at their respective mission stations around the globe. Of course before that happens they have to graduate from college, pay off loans and obtain  missions stations. Soon and very soon! Two of them graduate this spring.

4. Finally on today’s bucket list of four things, I would like to have dinner with the Kennedys. My grandfather had dinner with both Robert and John F ( that was when they were all in state politics here in MA). My father had his picture taken with JFK before he was President. I would like to keep the tradition alive.

16 thoughts on “Share Your World With Cee Cee 2013 Week 4

  1. WOW. I actually read this with more than customary interest because I’m stuck–on the assignment. Gonna go ponder some more now…

  2. The horse ride in tropical surf on a beautiful tropical island was also on my Bucket List. Without being able to ride a horse I thought it would be impossible but I was on holiday in the Dom Rep in November and the package included a horse ride along the beach including a good old splash in the warm sea. It was absolutely wonderful and I’ve ticked it off my list. So don’t dismiss your dreams because they feel impractical – sometimes they are just a little more challenging but I am sure you can find a way to make it happen!

  3. I have had many adventures via missions in the past several years but not much in refreshing. A warm beach and no agenda is top of the list. The cabins are amazing…that would be a painters retreat!

    • That too! I know many of the folks in our Christian artist’s group would enjoy it. Maybe I should work on scheduling a retreat. I doubt anyone could get away for a whole month though. 😦

  4. I could take a month in any of the wood cabins…although I would have to have the one of the water’s edge as a first choice. So very beautiful. I love your bucket list. I hope you get your dinner with the Kennedy’s. I am assuming your trips to visit your kids is a given!!!!

    • It’s more about when they get there than the if. Two of the kids are looking at out of country missions. So the work to get there can take a bit of time. Maybe I could speed things along if I got to have dinner with the Kennedys! 🙂

  5. They make #1 look so easy! #2 would be wonderful, as would #3! I really hope that one works out for you. Interesting #4 facts.

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