I loved this post by Attila. I am praying into many of his points

Attila Ovari

Have you ever felt that there is too much happening in your life?
Does this lead to stress in your life?
What are the positive benefits of being under pressure?

It has been a busy week in the office this week. In my new job that I started late last year there has been much to do… Some days this week it has seemed that there is too much to do and take in. During the week there is a quote that has kept popping into my head:

“God will not give you more than you can handle.”

That said this does not mean that life will be comfortable….. There are times when you will be stretched and put under pressure. Certain stress is actually good in one’s life and has a positive impact. A life without some stress lacks a purpose or direction.

When under pressure and outside your…

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