21 Day Spiritual Journey: Day 3

One of our leadership training specialists sent this out to a bunch of us the other day.

Dear Jay,

What dream have you long since given up on?
  Take some time today to look back on the dreams you have had and what stopped you from pursuing those dreams.  Take 1 step this week towards fulfilling those dreams.
Out of this question I have made a thought web of dreams and goals. In prayer I am realizing I haven’t given up on my dreams. I am just afraid to pay the price and wind up failing anyway.
So today I am taking authority over my fear of failure and am casting my cares on the Lord.
I am asking Jesus to help me to count the cost for my dreams and  to pay it.
What will your dreams cost? Are you ready to pay the price?

14 thoughts on “21 Day Spiritual Journey: Day 3

  1. Your candid openness and honesty as a leader is a powerful breath of fresh air………:)………thank you Pastor “J”…….may God bless and strengthen you, your family and those you lead as you continue pressing in to Him.

  2. Sometimes you don’t what the price is until the dream is almost met. My fear is will I pay the price in that moment not really knowing if the dream will come to pass. Lord, I ask that you build my faith and trust in you that you are bigger than anything I can even imagine facing. Lord, show me your scriptures to strengthen my walk of faith. Thank you, Pastor J for this journey is proving to be a much deeper walk than I have ever taken before. It is really digging into the core of my soul.

    • I am glad Deb! This walk is taking us deep isn’t it? I know well the fear you expressed having experienced it myself. May God grant us both faith to overcome!

  3. Thank you for sharing and challenging us to be bold in our faith in the dreams the LORD has given us. Not given up just not faithful enough….speaking for myself. Blessings and boldness to pay the price!

    • Good points TOm. The idea that I can pay the price later lingers with me continually causing me to wander in inaction. I am praying against that in myself. May you find greater victory this year than ever before!

  4. At 76 years old, I think I have achieved my MINISTRY goals – and far exceeded them. I find it hard to believe the things that God achieved but rejoice in His victories. That doesn’t mean I can now lie down. My ministry has changed but not ended. I still meet people and have a responsibility to show Christ to them in word and lifestyle.

    I have SPIRITUAL goals which need to be met. My God has planned that I should “become a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” [Ephesians 4:13] and that is a long way still to go.

    I had natural goals which I have laid aside. We had planned to do some travelling in our retirement. I wanted to travel our Aussie outback and we had a few other travels in mind, but we left it too late. Hubby is now unable to travel. I don’t mind missing those goals, but I DO want to reach my spiritual goal potential.

    Thank you for this challenge as I review a number of ways I can reach others.

    We serve an incredibly amazing God who desires to use us to His glory no matter our circumstances.

    • This is neat Angela. Just today in our staff meeting we were talking about categorizing our goals into their classes: spiritual, personal, ministry, so that we could better see where we were in meeting them. I know that while some of your personal goals may have been put off I believe they may just be achieved though somewhat changed in specifics when we reign with Christ. I am looking forward to that day so much!

      • Well, one thing is certain – while the scenery of the outback and other places I could visit is rather amazing, it doesn’t hold a candle to the scenery that is waiting for us in heaven . . . and the most wonderful sight of all, of course, is the face of my Saviour! Nothing can take that away from me!

      • Amen! I cannot wait to see “Mt Zion on the sides of the North the City of the Great King.” But the Great King Himself is who I really want to walk through those mountain passes with!

  5. I’ve laid aside many of my “personal” dreams(goals) because of health issues years ago.
    After my 26 years wandering in the desert… at the lowest point in my life, our Amazing Father received me back into His loving arms after MUCH weeping from a repentant heart.
    At that time I decided that “all” my goals would be what His goals were for my remaining time here on earth. He continues to help me muddle through to reach them… one step at a time.
    Thank you so very much Pastor J for your continued words of encouragement and challenge!
    Be blessed

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