A 21 Day Spiritual Journey: Day 1

100_1006As the chilly waters of a new year begin to rush by I am setting out on a 21 day spiritual pilgrimage to discover what God would transform in me in this year 2013.

Our whole church has been asked to participate in the season of prayer and fasting. I am believing that this year will be our most powerful time of corporate dedication yet.

As I set out I will be using these posts to notate the things I hear from the Spirit of God along the way.

Today was a day of reconnecting. In the business of the day I stole away several times to just BE with the Savior. In my heart I know that this will be a time of ridding myself of many blockades between me and my God… things I have allowed to stifle the flow of the River of God into my life.

Once again the Spirit reminds me that without the place of prayer the place of ministry is powerless. Unless I am asking for God to meet me in the work of ministry the labor of the ministry will amount to nothing of eternal value. The quiet place…the secret place is desperately needed and will only become more important as the days wear on to darkness.

Today’s quote:

The greatest tragedy in life is that our prayers go unanswered because they went unasked. -Mark Batterson

Question of the day:

What is your Jericho? What walls do you need the Lord to knock down?

13 thoughts on “A 21 Day Spiritual Journey: Day 1

  1. My Jericho? I have struggled with resentment and bitterness far too long/
    My goal? A Catch 22 solution to my problem

    God is the God of my peace
    I stumble into the “earthly” feelings of anger bitterness and resentment
    I turn toward my Savior – asking forgiveness
    God is the God of my peace

    Do I always succeed in my endeavor? No!,but, I continually try
    God Bless

    • And in your working out the grace of God WILL come in and liberate you. His grace not only justifies it sanctifies in its progressive path. I am believing with you for great liberation from this sister. Your Jericho will fall just keep marching until your God says it’s time to shout victory!

  2. My Jericho? Seeing my son completely healed from seizures and autism. God needs to remove the cyst in his brain and restore the tissue that has been damaged by the seizures. My God is bigger and better than anything I face in the natural. I PRAISE GOD, for the healing that is on its way!

  3. I truly believe that more that ever before, the Body of Christ needs these times of focused prayer and fasting and I praise God for you and every other Pastor who leads the way in doing it……….Father thank you for the prioritization of prayer, the prioritization of time in Your presence and in Your Word, and the resulting revelation, transformation and manifestation of your glory in each life…….in Jesus’ Name Amen.

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and allowing us to learn from your challenges. Many of the things He shows you will apply to all of us.

    My Jericho? I guess it is me. I believe it was Martin Luther who said “Dear God, I have a problem. It is ME”
    “He must increase and I must decrease”

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