Pastor Wrinkles: The Glory Of Story Pt. 6

We have been talking about God’s story and our part in it… If you have missed the discussions they can be found here:


For some reason God has ordained that we should play an essential role in His story…the story that He is writing. He has gone to every length to include us in the story even after we had excluded ourselves from it by sin. You see, the main theme of God’s story is love reaching out personally and individually to you and to me. 

Further, it is not just mankind that it is important it is every man. God has created you personally for relationship with him. You play an important part in the story of God andin the story of planet Earth. God has put you on the Earth for exactly this time and HE has put the gifts inside you that you need to accomplish your part of the adventure.

The Road To the Future by JE Lillie

The Road To the Future by JE Lillie

St. Augustine said “To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.” 

Do you see yourself as part of God’s adventure?What part do you play in it?


16 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: The Glory Of Story Pt. 6

  1. I love St. Augustine’s quote and I do see myself as part of God’s adventure. I am one of His prayer warriors and sometimes even the town crier. Pastor J, what a beautiful path you have photographed and it becomes even more inviting the more I look at. Thank you, Pastor J for being such a faithful servant and bringing us His truth!

  2. Yes Yes and Yes I feel I am a part of God’s adventure
    and the adventure is not knowing where God will lead me next
    ONLY that He will lead me and keep after me until I get His directions
    God Bless

    • “Step by step we’re movin forward. Little by little we’re takin’ ground. Every prayer’s a powerful weapon. Strongholds come tumblin down and down and down!” From “We Wanna See Jesus LIfted High.”

      • Amen
        I pray the prayer of Protection over my life and my family every day. I was given this prayer from my sister’s husband who passed away from a brain tumor. My sister did not want the prayer to be lost forever and spend many hours writing down the prayer because her husband’s thinking was quickly diminishing. We are at battle in the war of this world and prayer is our only earthly weapon.
        God Bless

  3. I do see myself as part of His adventure–but, what part, is pretty blurry (which may be His intention, and my benefit). God bless you and the fam–love, sis Caddo

    • It is sometimes nice to not know where we are going. I think of where I have been. If God had told me I think I may not have gone for fear. Then I would have missed many blessings.

  4. Thanks mucho, Pastor J

    I am pondering like the rich young ruler. Not going to go away sorrowful, but you have given me much to think on.


    P.S. forgot to mention that I love what you have done with the place! 🙂 The new design is fab!

    • Thanks Ann! Angela suggested I get some snow falling in the background, but I couldn;t make it work 😦 I pray that God will bless your pondering and turn it to the pondering of Mary storing all these things in your heart and treasuring them!

  5. I believe that knowing, loving and serving the living triune God is the ultimate adventure in this life, and the greatest privilege we can ever have.

    What part do I play in it? Well, I don’t really have a part, aside from being the vessel He uses. It is all His work, and all the honour is His, but it is such an honour to be the instrument in His hands.

    • It is a great honor indeed! When I consider my past and even my current proclivity to falter that He would entrust anything to me at all is truly amazing! I am so blessed to be part of His great adventure.

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