Pastor Wrinkles: the Glory Of Story Pt. 3

God is all about story! In fact all of Earth every big and little act of mankind is the writing of  a divine story the plot of which God laid out before HE ever said let there be light.


If you have been following the last  posts right about now you might be saying “That’s nice Pastor J. Life is a romance an adventure a war story a mystery a story. What does that do for me?”


There are three things God wants you to know about this story we call life.

Here is the first:

                God is the Hero and central figure of your  story.


Men have done their best to write God out of the story. For instance, in place of the story of creation our race has posited evolution in order to call into question the accuracy of Scripture as a whole. Moses. David. Even Jesus are being written out of the world’s copy of history.

A young man recently commented on my blog People should use reason to determine right and wrong and not some vague description of a man in the sky (that really seems to more a state of consciousness (like nirvana) than an actual being) nor MYTHICAL stories like Noah’s ark and Adam and Eve. .. I believe that these myths were really an attempt to explain the events in the phenomenal world that seemed miraculous. So the texts really had minimal value in and of themselves in the grand scheme of things because the information they provided was actually false.” 

But here’s the truth, Christian, while men may have set themselves up as the editor’s of history. God is the writer of HIS STORY and He holds the right to decide the final cut. We have been taught that the world is our oyster and we were given life  as a tablet upon which we can write our own story. We have been taught that we are the center of our universe and that we can call all the shots. We are told truth is whatever we believe. Most of us add God on to our lives if we acknowledge Him at all. But the Bible tells a different story and raises to the stage a different hero.

That hero…the hero of your story whether you know it or not is Jesus!


8 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: the Glory Of Story Pt. 3

  1. AMEN!! He’s not only the story, the hero of the story— HE IS THE STORY!
    I truly appreciate how much you seem to say which such few words. I give God the glory for that!

    • Thank you Stephanie. God is the story and He is my song and He has become my salvation! I can never thank Him enough for saving and using me for the glory of His kingdom!

  2. He IS the hero of my story, Pastor J. I hope you can get this powerful truth across to the whole world–then maybe it will move closer to “peace”, as folks surrender to Him. Just to tell you a short story, last night I got to see my Hero step in and rescue me from “the bully”. HE was SO BIG, all white, a cape-like robe all around Him, and army boots (white)–and I heard Him give the devil what-for, on my behalf, like I don’t even think I’ve heard in the movies. It was so Powerful, that I then was able to write my acrostic “Resolution”. I’m still kind of reeling, in a good way. We toss that word “awesome” around a lot, say our God is an Awesome God–well, I saw Awesome in my living room–and HE’s the real thing, alright! God bless you and the fam–love, sis Caddo

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