Ringing In the New Year Pt. 2

I am preparing myself for a funeral this morning. Not three days ago I was celebrating the birth of the newest member of our congregation along with the birth of the world’s Savior, Jesus.

What is the message as we approach 2013? In this world darkness and light will continue to vie against each other. Darkness may grow but as long as the church is in the world…as long as the church trusts in the strength of the only hope then light will be overcome the darkness however strong it may appear.

12 thoughts on “Ringing In the New Year Pt. 2

  1. In this season we are walking in there seems to be darkness showing up in places we cannot even would have imagined. I find this scripture to be such a comfort, John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. A-men and A-men!

  2. Light and darkness. In these days when darkness seems to be increasing, it is more important than ever that our Light keep shining forth. Only HIS Light is able to really penetrate the darkness and He has committed His light to us.

    May we be faithful! Time is running out.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go today, to comfort and mourn. Thank you for encouraging us with this great song, about the power of the Everlasting Light, our Hope over darkness. God bless!

    • Thanks you Deb! THe world is shaking on its foundation. May we be given the power to push people to the rock that will never be shaken! Our JEsus is the only solid rock in a raging sea.

  4. Keeping you and yours in prayer Pastor J. I have a daughter on the way to the ER right now… yes there is so much darkness, but it only takes a spark to get a fire going. Praying that each of us, as members of the Body of Christ, get our lamps ready and light this world for Jesus.

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