Where’s the Light?

Isaiah wrote “The people walking in darkness will see a great light.” Isaiah 9:2

There’s been a lot of darkness in the last week. I suppose it’s only natural that there should be a lot of dialogue about the solution to that darkness. In the days ahead I suspect we will hear more debate about what should be done. The thing is debate is not necessary. The church has the answer to the world’s problem with darkness. The answer is light. The light is Jesus.

The light is not gun control.

The light is not mental health reform.

The light is not our government.

The light is Jesus. He alone can be our anchor in the dark and stormy seas.


Let’s Pray: Dear Lord Jesus, we are in desperate need of the light of the world! Yet all the world around us is groping for other answers. Lord draw the hearts of men and women to your light. Remove the scales of worldliness from their eyes so that they may see you are the only answer. PLease Lord have mercy and send revival upon the nations one more time! In Jesus name A-men.

13 thoughts on “Where’s the Light?

  1. I’m sure we all say a hearty ‘Amen!’ to that prayer.

    When will the government realise that the Light of the world is the answer to their problems. They closed the Light, forbidding it in schools and public buildings. They need to open up to the Light and lift it high.

    • I think scripture gives us the answer. Even those of us who live within the boundaries of free nations must realize that our governments are not going to draw our countrymen closer to God. That has always been and is still the work of the church! Whether we are empowered or hindered in the accomplishment it is ours to accomplish. The government will not help us more as we see the Day of the Lord approaching.

  2. By your logic you seem to think that a greater presence of christian values would result in a lessening of violence. I’ve just written a term paper for a comparative world religions course, in which I relate the perpetual violence in the middle east, conducted on the part of christian nations against Muslims, to the renewed protestant love of a literal/fundamentalist reading of the bible. It seems to me, the more we rely on text to guide our lives, the more violent our society as a whole becomes. People should use reason to determine right and wrong and not some vague description of a man in the sky (that really seems to more a state of consciousness (like nirvana) than an actual being) nor MYTHICAL stories like Noah’s ark and Adam and Eve. You’re right in that there is not one solution to this whole mess, and I think part of the reason individuals are falling apart and making heinous decisions is because of the categorical divisiveness our nation seems to be plagued with at present. Plato saw that, that which is true of a body, is also true of that body’s constituents. So if our government is falling apart, we should only anticipate more and more individuals following behind.

    • Interesting thoughts Tyler. It’s nice to hear from you. I think we can both agree that not all that has been done in the name of Christianity over the years has been Christian.
      You said, “By your logic you seem to think that a greater presence of christian values would result in a lessening of violence.” and “It seems to me, the more we rely on text to guide our lives, the more violent our society as a whole becomes.”
      Now while I do think that the values of Christianity bless a society, the light I was referring to in the post was not the ten commandments or the law of Moses. I was referring to Christ himself. Our salvation individually and as a society lies not in legislation of any kind but in a relationship with the Savior who is no vague description of a Man in the sky or a made up story. He is the Revelation of God to man. He lived. He died for our sins. He rose from the grave. HE ascended to the right hand of God the Father where He is currently praying for you and for me. He is coming again to judge the living and the dead. It is not knowing ABOUT all that that will change the world. Our culture can only be saved by knowing Him personally and corporately. Thank you for commenting!

      • Thanks for the reply! I wasn’t actually referring to the Ten Commandments either, rather out reliance on the physical text of the bible, rather than viewing it in the way the Hebrew Scriptures were meant to viewed, or rather, heard. When man places a tool between himself and nature, he removes himself from the accessibility of the divine, placing a wall there instead. A tool is simply something that man creates to utilize in a way that distances him from the natural. When the Hebrews were forced to write their scriptures down, the utilization that commenced stripped the oral tradition of its transcendent living quality. When holy preachings of any kind become subject to the downfall of text, the stagnation of the words mean that they can no longer be expressed with meaning and so they become devoid of value. I believe that these myths were really an attempt to explain the events in the phenomenal world that seemed miraculous. So the texts really had minimal value in and of themselves in the grand scheme of things because the information they provided was actually false. I do see some value in religious scriptures though, primarily in those of a certain metaphysical quality that was influenced by the Greeks and vedics of the axial period, like the Christian new testament’s description of god as the highest good. Also their ethics have been quite helpful in the development of relatively peaceful communities. But now that we realizes that ethics are not necessarily connected to deity, we can begin to instruct ethics on the basis of reason.

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