The Christmas Season Pt. 2

His first coming was gentle to usher in the age of grace. He came as a helpless baby, as my pastor says “God in diapers”. But as we remember that first coming this year let’s remember He is coming again and next time it won’t be as a helpless child but as the One who will judge the quick and the dead. Ultimately Christmas like every other celebration in Christendom is meant to help us remember both what He did and what He has yet to do!

10 thoughts on “The Christmas Season Pt. 2

  1. My love for Jesus brings me to the love letter of the book Song of Songs. Can’t you just hear Him wooing us with these verses. Oh, how my heart aches for His return and for those that are lost. I pray many will become intoxicated with Him or just plain “wasted.” Pastor Brad’s message will not leave me alone. The anticipation of changing of the guard is growing each day in hopes that more souls will be saved. A-men!

  2. Jesus was born to die / He died to save / He lives to keep / He is coming back for His own . . . but then it will be too late for those who do not know Him.

    If one does not YIELD to the LOVE of God
    and be CHANGED by the GRACE of God
    there will be NO WAY to ESCAPE the WRATH of God!

    We are one day closer!

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