Liebster Blog Award Pt. 2


I didn’t have space to finish accepting the Liebster award yesterday. In fact I went waaayyy over what I usually like to publish. So today I am going to attempt to finish up this award acceptance. Here are the requirements I didn’t finish up: Once again thank you to Kim at

C) Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

Here we go!

1) Why did you start blogging? I started blogging to work through familial changes I was facing. The idea of course was that life-change gives us an opportunity to reinvent the “we’ll”, that is who we are in community. I didn’t realize how far the changes would go. I also didn’t realize the blog would become more about the Source of Strength in change than about the changes themselves, but there you go.

2) What do you like most about blogging? I love the idea that I have touched people on my own doorstep and across the world. I love this group of people who have gathered around me at “R.T.W.”

3) Which book has most influenced your life? Oh that’s too easy! The Bible!

4) What is your favorite hobby? Reading!

5) If you were given $1,000,000 to give to a cause, which cause would it be? Spreading the Gospel.

6) What’s your favorite scripture? See yesterday for these answers!

7) What makes you smile? God!

8) Who is a person that you admire and why? Aside from Jesus  I really admire my lead pastor Barry Risto. He is a never-ending ball of energy directed by the cause of the Kingdom of God!

9) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I like where I am thank you.

10) If you could change one thing about anything what would it be? Now that’s a loaded question but if I could change anything it would be to have Adam and Eve change their choice about eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Just think what that would change in our world today!

11) What are you most thankful for at this moment? I am most thankful that Jesus died on the Cross for my sins and the sins of all mankind.

OK this is going to have to go into day three because once again this post is getting too long! See you tomorrow


9 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award Pt. 2

  1. Great answers and I for one have been extremely blessed due to the blog you started which then led me to other wonderful bloggers. Thank you, Pastor J your words and the faithfulness to our Lord and Savior has been such a blessing to me. Many blessings to you in this season.

  2. Wonderful stuff!…………I especially like your answer to question 10)………:)…… encouraged to continue to keep your relationship with God and the advancement of His Kingdom as the center of your life……..your love for and faithfulness to Him shines through and is touching the lives of many……….blessings!…….Kim

  3. Re the answer to the first question.
    I started here just a couple of months after you did and it wasn’t long before I ‘met’ you. I must say I have noticed a tremendous difference in your blogs over the 2+ years – a ‘good’ difference. I praise God for your dedication to Him and your willingness to share His work with us. You are a real blessing.

    • Thank you Angela. It is so comforting to hear that you have seen growth in me. These last two years have been the most challenging of my entire life. I have gone to Jesus to ask Him for gold refined in this fire of life and He has been merciful and gracious. I am not the man I was and I am not the man I shall be but I am one day closer!

  4. Q10. Maybe. Sure it would be good if there was no sin – and I look forward to the time when we will be free from the very presence of sin . . .

    . . . but just think. If Adam & Eve hadn’t sinned, we wouldn’t have been born in sin and therefore we wouldn’t need a Saviour. We wouldn’t know the absolute joy of redemption. We would be more like robots, serving God because we know nothing else. When we are free from the presence of sin, we will FULLY appreciate our redemption – we won’t be robots.

    I praise God for the REALITY and the JOY of redemption and for the VICTORY we have in Jesus.

    What an amazing Redeemer God!

    • Hmm and interesting thought. We lost so much in the fall we cannot imagine what that sin free state would be like…will be like but I am looking forward to knowing it and my God face to face. What always blows my mind about salvation is that before he ever laid the foundation of the world He knew what would happen and yet He chose to create us anyway! Now that is an amazing merciful loving God!

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