Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 130

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Dark Forest by JE Lillie

Dark Forest by JE Lillie

The weather here in New England has been dancing somewhere between the frigid midnight peck of an angry wife and the sloppy wet smooch of a long-lost love. So last Thursday when my bones started aching as though I’d been wracked I thought it just the ol’ lumbago set off by the lousy undulating dampness. On Sunday as I was standing to sing the worship service I felt that familiar tickle at the back of my throat. On Monday at the Sectional Pastor’s Christmas party I had a tight cough which I kept mostly under control. But Tuesday night the cough began to call the shots and my bones made me feel like I was Wolverine in the presence of Magneto (comic book reference couldn’t resist). Wednesday and today I have spent mostly in bed, too tired to do much but walk the little white dogs.

Sickness and sin…I suppose they mimic each other in nature because they started in the same place…at the same time. Sickness likes to creep up on us, catch us unawares. It incubates in the cells of our bodies waiting for the opportune time, then springs and knocks us down for the count. To an untrained eye it seems “all of a sudden”. To the medical professional, though, sickness is a process that is understood to start  before it can be seen by the naked eye ( of course the more virulent the illness the quicker the physical manifestation). It’s like that with sin. It lurks at the doorways of our hearts waiting, seeking a foothold. Once it finds the entry point it springs. The fall looks instant,quick, painful but as the song writer says really…”It’s a slow fade.”

We learn about the rise and fall of Israel’s first king, Saul, in a few chapters. It takes perhaps an hour or so to read. His meteoric rise and his cataclysmic fall seem to happen almost all at once; But we have to put the pauses…the sabbaths…the breathing spaces in between the verses and chapters. Saul didn’t crash and burn the day after his coronation. It was a slow fade. So it is with us if we are not mindful of our daily walk.

Here is what I see in today’s chapters:

I Samuel chapter 17 sermon topics/titles:

1. The Enemy’s Hero: I Samuel 17:1-11

2. The 40 Day Challenge: I Samuel 17:1-16

3. What To Do With Rejection: I Samuel 17:22-37

I Samuel chapter 18 sermon topics/titles:

1. Kept By An Earthly King: I Samuel 18:1-5

2. The Enemy’s Fear Turns To The Anointed’s Blessing: I Samuel 18:6-30

3. Dodging Spears, Staying Loyal: I Samuel 18:6-30

Now tell me what you see! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 130

  1. Pastor J, you have such a way with words. You paint a vivid picture. Praying for God’s speed in your healing. Don’t’ forget the hot cup of tea with honey to soothe the throat as well as the VC-S herb help with the virus. Feel better soon. “The Enemy’s Fear Turns To The Anointed’s Blessing” how God uses everything for our good, He is amazing! Here’s what I saw in these chapters.
    1 Samuel 17
    1. Have faith in the armies of the living God. 1 Sam 17:1-28
    2. Is there a warrior within? 1 Sam 17:32
    3. You will know my God!!! 1 Sam 17:46
    1 Samuel 18
    1. Is He your Forever Friend? 1 Sam 18:1-4
    2. Beware, jealousy can consume you. 1 Sam 18:8-13
    3. Manipulation knows the road to destruction. 1 Sam 18:14-30

    • This is some good stuff Deb! “Is there a warrior within?” Yes there is it is finding him and letting him out that is the issue for most of us. But we are learning aren’t we? I also really like “Manipulation knows the road to destruction.” Wow does it ever!

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