The Christmas Season Pt. 1


I was out to lunch with some folks earlier in the week and one of my companions asked me if the Christmas season was getting busy yet.

I don’t know about you but in years past it has been very easy for me to lose the Flower of Christmas, the Rose of Sharon, among the vines of my Christmas to do list. Who am I kidding, with my schedule I can easily misplace Jesus during any month of the year in the thorny pages of my agenda. But throughout the Christmas holiday it is especially easy to miss prayer or relationship with my King simply because I am doing “so much for Him.”

This year I have determined not to reach December 25th full of Christmas spirit but devoid of the Christ child. I have determined not to let ministry and mistletoeish mayhem weary me to the point of  missing the point. Oh I’ll still be busy caroling and ministering and wrapping and of course feasting but this year I am determined to slow it down and make sure I intentionally focus on the Reason for the Season. For me intentionally planning Jesus time is going to be part of making it to Christmas Christ-like.

Let me ask you, what do you have to do to get back to the heart of Christmas? Or are you already there?

10 thoughts on “The Christmas Season Pt. 1

  1. Thank you for talking about this, Pastor J! It’s something that I go through each year. It’s hard to disappoint others if we have to make changes to what we have done before and in the past in order to do what He is showing us to do this time around. Mostly, I keep on the look out for Him. He almost always gives me something special at Christmas. Nothing big in anyone else’s eyes, just something big to my heart. God bless you and yours as you celebrate Him.

  2. I am brought back to Pastor Brad’s message of “Wasting Time on Him” every moment with Him brings me back to the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you, Pastor J for sharing this song and message with us, for this season can get so busy that in the midst of the busyness we are many times sidetracked. Lord, I pray that I waste my time on you and try not to get caught up in the busyness of the season.
    A-men and A-men!

  3. I find it helpful to consciously choose the music I play. There are a lot of good Christmas albums about the true meaning, not that jingle-bell-[bleep]. Making an effort to listen to good music keeps me mindful of Him. And of the reason we have something to celebrate.
    So keep posting good songs like this one. Find the songs that really stirs the heartstrings. And rejoice in the Lord always.
    Oh, and look at babies. Really, it helps me to feel what Jesus went through. And what an incredible thing it is that the Lord of all creation, would become a creation Himself. Still can’t wrap my mind round that one, but I can sure marvel at it.

    • Heeeeey Willem! THanks for stopping by and commenting. It is so true that what we feed ourselves intellectually and spiritually (musically and otherwise) helps us to navigate the wildness of the season! It helps us maintain focus for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have found that once again, age makes things easier. As I get older, I find the hustle and bustle gets less. It must be a decade or more since I’ve had a part in preparing the Christmas dinner. We have spent Christmas with one or more of our five sons and their families, and been spoiled by them, giving me plenty of time to keep focussed on the real meaning of Christmas and of life.

    • In the last few years with the kids in college I have found my pace slowing a little. The church rush still happens and there is never a lack of something to do but I find myself consciously choosing to slow the pace and try to walk with calm, as Jesus did through the crowds, busy but not rushed. I look forward to the day when I shall be invited to my children’s homes (they have to get them first) to be spoiled! 🙂

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