Waste Your Life

Our youth pastor Brad Hackett preached a continuation of Pastor Risto’s message from last week. God has been making us ready for His kingdom building work in these last days. I am believing God for a great revival before His return. Are you? What do you think that revival will look like?


6 thoughts on “Waste Your Life

  1. Thank you for sharing these sermons . ..and helping us get ready too. I’m not sure what that revival will look like. Just in my times with Him, being a ‘bowed down people’ has come up. And mercy . ..to be a merciful people as we ask for His mercy. God bless you, Pastor J!

    • Oh wow Deb! I have seen that image of the saints bowuing down in obedience and adoration before the throne of grace! Oh Jesus let it be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses!

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