Share Your World With Cee Cee Pt. 31

Happy week after Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂 I trust that you are all still enjoying the turkey and turnip soup, the chicken pot pies and the cold chicken and stuffing sandwiches. I am eating chicken and rice casserole as I answer Cee’s great questions!

  • What feeds your enthusiasm for life?  Jesus Christ is all my hope and stay. He is my life source and the fire deep in my bones. The thought that I shall dwell with Him forever in eternity causes me to wake everyday with a fresh hope!
  • If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction?  My life would definitely not be an action movie (Indiana Jones I am not) and no one is going to mistake me for the romantic lead. But  a drama driven by sarcastic humor? I think most people could buy that one.
  • If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?  I’d be the guy with the little white dogs in the shiny blue tails and top hat. 🙂
  • You are given $500 and the chance to exchange it for one of two envelopes. One envelope contains $5,000 and one contains $50. Do you make the trade? Why or why not? I’m not much of a gambler. I’d probably keep the $500.00


12 thoughts on “Share Your World With Cee Cee Pt. 31

  1. I love it, Pastor J! I made a wild rice blend casserole with bacon and onion to go with my turkey breast–would trade a few bites for some of your leftovers! Don’t sell yourself short on the romantic lead, Sir–Hollywood is chock full of guys I wouldn’t walk across the street to see. Oh goody, another non-gambler type! God bless you and the fam–love, sis Caddo

  2. Great answers to tough questions.
    I’ll just say ‘amen’ to your first reply – couldn’t have said it better.
    The second one? No worries. No One would ever weant to make a movie about me. If they did, it could only be about how an amazing God used a nothing for His own glory.
    3. ‘Perform’ in the circus? No way. I’ll just keep the books and work in admin.
    4. I’ll keep the $500 thanks – bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – and I don’t gamble at all.

    • Thank you Angela. Really you wouldn’t perform in the circus? I think it would be fun…not the high wire or trapeze or anything where I could fall to my death or worse (after all for people of faith there are worse things than death), but I could be the clown or like I said the guy with the little dogs. I already have the little dogs you see! 🙂

      • Would you believe I have never been to a circus?
        If I ever had any thoughts of performing in a circus it would have been in the wall of death, but since I am now 76 and it is more than 50 years since I rode my 500 Speed twin Triumph, I guess I’ve left it too late – and anyway, it would no longer interest me.

        The Christian life is enough adventure for me. What more could I want?

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