8 thoughts on “Quotes Pt. 25

  1. I feel that prayer meeting is in the here and now. My heart is filled with such anticipation for our Lord and Savior’s return. Lord, thank you for your glorious presence in today’s service. May our corporate worship become longer and longer. The day is soon approaching when we will tarry with Him for eternity, A-men and A-men!!!

  2. Thank you, Pastor J, for such a powerful and need to know quote. Praying for us to be bowed down in prayer, readying our hearts and lives before Him, for the days ahead. God bless you as you linger!

  3. I don’t mean to be critical, but I think many present day Christians are in for a shock in heaven and would find it rather boring if they were not first CHANGED.

    I so look forward to worshipping our amazing God wholeheartedly, with no distractions. Meanwhile I’ll keep praising Him and joining in prayer with my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

    What an amazing God! We have sooooooooooo much to praise Him for.

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